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How to Find an Advertising Sales Representative

Newspapers, magazines, websites, TV stations, radio stations, and many other media outlets sell ad spaces. Advertisement is a major source of income for these media entities and advertising sales reps are the guys in the field responsible for bringing advertising accounts.

The job of an advertising sales rep is one that has been in existence since the advent of newspaper itself. Though the profession is gradually dying due to digitization, the field is still quite competitive.

Who is an Advertising Sales Rep?

Also known as advertising sales agent, this person is responsible for selling ad space to businesses and other entities who might want to reach a larger audience. As mentioned earlier, an advertising sales rep works for a media agency.

What does an Advertising Sales Rep Do?

Normally, media agencies set quotas for advertising sales reps to meet on monthly basis. To meet these quotas, ad sales reps have to:

  • Look for potential advertising clients and offer deals
  • Pitch to clients how they can get the most out of advertising
  • Provide estimates to clients 
  • Ensure that all paperwork and correspondence are well taken care of
  • Ensure that existing customers are made repeat customers

An advertising sales rep is hardly an inside sales rep; the job requires meeting prospects physically and pitching to them. Yeah, prospects are communicated to via phones, but meetings are set up mostly to discuss ad strategies and business. 

Just like a normal sales pitch, the job requires the advertising sales rep to do some research about the prospect organization. This is to know their needs and how best to solve their problem. The sales rep then meets with the prospect to explain how specific types of advertising can project the prospect’s business to the target audience.

For consolidation, the advertising sales rep can offer both print and digital ad spaces in the same package. 

The average salary for an advertising sales rep is $54,000. As with many other sales reps, commissions, benefits, and some other packages make up the compensation. 

What do you need to become an advertising sales rep?

Get Some Field Experience

This line of sales can be very stressful and demanding. Advertising sales reps are reported to work up to 40 hours a week and some even work weekend and holidays. Clients may reach decision to run certain ads at inconvenient moments and you’ve got to flexible enough to make that possible. A field experience in sales will prepare you for this.

Acquire Core Sales Skills

There are certain skills you need to have as a sales rep. These skills will help you pitch to clients better and get more sales done. Some of these are:

  • Must be an excellent communicator
  • Rapport building skills
  • Relationship building skills are essential
  • Active listening skills and empathy are required
  • Must be tenacious
  • Must be able to handle rejection effective
  • Demonstration and presentation skills

Research Skills

You don’t need a college degree for this job, but you need to be better than a college graduate when it comes to research. You must understand prospects and know how you can sell to them better.

Final words…

This is one job that has been affected by disruption. However, a lot of companies, agencies, and institutions still run advertisements in the mass media. You need to work at acquiring the essential skills to be better equipped for the competition.

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