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How to find a Business to Business B2B Sales Representative

Not every product is for the final consumer. Some products are targeted at businesses and institutions. These are products needed to optimize or do business better. In this setting, the sales rep works with a database of businesses and pitches to executives about the solution her products provide.

With internet and digitization, many B2B products are software which are used to optimize the conversion process. Many are used on websites of businesses and many others are just digital solutions. 

Companies like IBM, Outreach, Hootsuite, and many sell business-to-business products and they have well-functioning sales teams. 

Who is a B2B Sales Representative?

A B2B sales rep is a sales professional that builds business relationships with corporate decision makers to sell products or services. 

To complete a sale, the B2B sales rep has to put a lot to work to ensure that the product is attractive to the prospect and referrals can be made. This requires a lot of sales skills, techniques, time, and sales tools. With these, the trust of the prospect can be gained and solutions can be recommended. 

To reach prospects, sales reps use calls, emails, video conferencing, and social media messaging. The internet has made it easier to reach clients. However, many B2B sales reps still have to meet clients in person. 

How to Become a B2B Sales Rep

Be Specialized 

There are lot of B2B products. With digitization, many of these products are digital. However, they still require specialization as the field is very wide. Find a niche where you fit in the most. You can get this niche via: 

  • Education
  • Deep interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Be skilled 

Apart from the technical know-how, sales skills are very important. Here are some you need to constantly have at hand:

  • Can communicate effectively
  • Can build trust with prospects
  • Must be able to build long-term relationships
  • Can handle rejection
  • Effectively demonstration and presentation skills
  • Can close sale at the perfect time

Do Prospect Research Well

You need to understand your clients to be able to sell to them effectively. This is the place of client’s research. You should be able to get an overview of the client’s business to see how you can fit in and solve a problem or provide an upgrade. 

Prospect research may require getting on the internet to understand the type of business and the type of customers the business attracts. It is also very important to ask questions about a brand from the client itself. It shows interests. Get to understand their goals and core values.

Be Experienced 

Many times, you may have to attend dinners and luncheons of clients; you should be able to find the right time to pitch your product. More, you should understand that there are competitors. From experience, you would be able to sell your brand as the best in that niche no matter what the competitor is pitching.

Final words…

Selling B2B products can require understanding your clients and putting work into ensuring that relationships are sustained.

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