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How to find a Construction Sales Representative

Bridges, buildings, and many other works of construction still leave us in awe. New York features an extensive array of skyscrapers. The Trump Tower, the Waldorf, and so many others are construction and architectural wonders. We get to hear new of China constructing highly technical and innovative structures in record time. All these are works of construction companies and engineers. They make it happen, from the golf courses, giant buildings, and highly surprising bridges. 

However, construction companies are quite many. To get the jobs they need to keep being in business, they employ sales reps. Sales reps go out into the field to bring in businesses.

Who is a Construction Sales Representative?

This is a sales professional in the employment of a construction company. The construction sales representative goes out to get business from government agencies, developers, and real estate agencies.

The sales rep also works to ensure that her companies does not lose the bid when invitation to bid is sent out. What happens mostly in the construction world is that the client sends out an invitation to bid. Companies send in their offers to bid for the contract. The client then selects the best one or one that is subjectively appealing. 

Many construction companies circumvent this process by establishing relationships with many prospects. They ensure that the prospects get a glimpse of the projects they’ve worked on and ensure that the prospect is turned into a client.

How to Become a Construction Sales Rep

Get a Degree

This is a job that requires a lot of technical know-how in engineering and construction. More, many employees prefer an employee with a college education as this will help with connections and confidence. Though employees would not hesitate to drop a degree for years of experience and connection in the industry.

Get Some Field Experience

The continual survival of a construction company may be dependent on the business brought in by sales reps. This means that well trained sales reps are sent to the field. A greenhorn in sales may not be considered as the job requires some experience and tenacity. 

If you are new, you can gain experience from sales programs, internship in a sales department, or a previous job in sales.

Be Skilled

This cannot be overemphasized. You need to put in a lot of salesmanship into the job. You must understand how to place your company above the competition, work at meeting new clients, establishing relationships with existing ones, and constantly redefining the brand image to suit present circumstances. Here are some vital sales skills:

  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Ability to handle rejection
  • Demonstration and presentation skills

Final words…

Bringing prospects into doing business can require a lot of work and miles. Many times, you need to be connected to get some contracts. This is why you must put in work in growing your network as a sales rep. It is very important.

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