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How to find an Entry Level Sales Representative

Every organization needs fresh brains. These are people who just left college or have high school diplomas and want to get into the field of sales. Most times, these new guys are placed in inside sales but these doesn’t rule out their involvement in outside sales. Some are paired with experienced sales reps to learn on the job or are sent out alone.

Many entry level sales reps have had to step out on the field alone to meet prospects and make sales. This can be scary but can be a thrilling and learning experience. 

Who is an Entry Level Sales Representative?

This is a new sales rep who just got into the sales field. This person can be a college graduate or someone without a college degree. This person is expected to have been professionally certified when necessary.

An average entry level sales rep can earn up to $50,000. Some companies pay lesser while some pay more. However, sales reps make more money through commissions. 

To get in as an entry level sales rep, you may need to note the following.

How to Become an Entry Level Sales Rep

Find an Angle

You need an angle you are very good and knowledgeable in. You can hardly sell what you don’t understand. However, a lot of factors goes into understanding what you sell. The knowledge of what you sell may come from: 

  • Strong interest
  • Course of study 
  • Special knowledge about the product

Develop Yourself with Core Skills

As a sales person, some skills are needed to do your job successfully. These skills are developed over time and can help you make sales faster and even retain some of these customers as repeat customers. Some of these skills are classic sales skills that have proven to be effective for decades. They are:

  • Passion for lead generation and sales
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal communication skill
  • Persistence
  • Empathy and listening ears
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building and maintenance skills

Learn Sales Language

There are words salesperson use. Words like conversion, sales funnel, lead, lead generation, close, and some others. Learn these.

Also, language is the basic tool of a sales rep’s job. The prospects may not get to meet you in person (if you work as an inside sales rep), so, how you present yourself on the phone or via the internet will give the lasting impression about you. You may have to work hybrid as both inside and field or you may be made to work fully as an outside sales rep. Whichever it is, develop yourself with good communication skills and the language.

Be Licensed

Just as a doctor or a lawyer will need a license to practice, so will some products require you to be licensed. Get necessary license. Write exams and take courses, if needed. Also ensure that you renew this license regularly.

Final words…

As an entry level sales rep, you have a lot to learn. Nobody will teach you most of the things you need to know. This is why you have to constantly develop yourself to get better at the job.

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