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How to find an Experienced Sales Representative

One thing that scares employers from considering fresh out of college greenhorns is that the cost of training them can be high. This is why many employers prefer to hire experienced sales reps.

Experienced sales rep have been on the job. They know what works and what doesn’t. They understand several markets and customers and can turn prospects into converts easily. They also have several skills they have acquired over the years. 

Who is an Experienced Sales Rep?

This is simply a sales rep who has gained experience working on the field (most of the times) or has spent some time converting prospects remotely.

An experienced sales rep may have spent 6 months on a sales program that require hands-on selling or has interned on the field with a sales agency. The person could also have worked with a sales agency beforehand. 

To work in this line, here are some things you need to note.

How to Become an Experienced Sales Rep

Gain Field Experience

There is a reason the job is tagged as ‘Experienced…’. This is because the person required for the job must have gained some experience beforehand. If you are looking to pursue a career in this line, you should work as an intern or enroll in a sales program. This will give you some experience in sales. You can also work for some sales agency where you are paid only commissions. This may be short term but you will learn a lot. 

Find a Niche

You can’t sell every product. You should be sure you understand the product the company sells before you venture into it. As an experienced sales rep, the company will not invest much in your training as you are assumed to be knowledgeable and experienced enough. Thus, learn about it. Your knowledge about a product could be through:

  • Course of study in school
  • Interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Ensure you are Skilled in Sales

This will be expected of you and the company will not spend money to train you. Ensure that you have the necessary skills to meet certain quotas or targets. You would be expected to have developed yourself with these skills through constant practice. These skills are timeless and classic as they never go out of relevance. Some of these skills are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Rapport building skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Ability to handle rejection
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • Ability to close sale at the perfect time
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Do a Thorough Customer Research

No matter the experience you have in sales, you’d have to understand that no two customers can be the same. People are different and this variation occurs with geographical location. Take time to study those who you would be selling to. Know their purchasing power and how the products or services key into their lives.

Final words…

The currency you have is experience and it is very valuable in the field of sales. It can’t be bought and employers are really looking to hire those who can bring years of experience to play in selling their products and services.

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