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How to find a Farming Sales Representative

Farming sales reps are also agricultural sales reps. They work to get farm products from agricultural companies to food processing companies. 

The American agricultural industry is a multibillion dollar one. It is one that provides the food over 300 million Americans consume daily. Of course, many of the food items we consume are processed foods, however, many of these food items trace their roots back to the farm as that’s where the raw materials are from. 

However, to get groceries to stores; and, raw food items to processing factories, farmers need to engage professionals who can package and sell the products effectively. These professionals are known as agricultural sales reps.

Sales reps are professionals. They go out to get the business for their companies. Many companies do not produce their own products but market those of others. Notwithstanding, a sales rep has to sell. To do this, she has to reach out to prospects, pitch the benefits of her products, show them the advantage of doing business with her, sell, and keep in touch with the customers.

Who is a Farming Sales Rep?

A farming sales rep is a professional who work with farms and agricultural companies to market their products to groceries stores and food processing companies. There will be a missing link if we don’t have agricultural sales rep in the mix as farmers are professionals in farming and cannot be on the hunt for prospect companies. This is also the situation for food processing companies and grocery store operators. 

A farming sales rep may have to work a territory or branch out as much as possible. Sales reps have to ensure that they meet sales target in that area through any means possible. They may have to make cold calls, schedule meetings, and convince prospects on how the products they sell is the best for them.

How to Become a Farming Sales Rep

Gather Some Field Experience

Many employers prefer to employ experienced sales reps. This is due to the fact that teaching a new sales rep the ropes may be time and money consuming. However, a stint at a sales program or internship could really help.

Acquire Core Sales Skills

There are some essential skills required of a sales person. Some of these skills are classic sales skills that have proven to be effective for decades. They are:

  • Good research skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Organizational skills
  • Persistence and dedication
  • Empathy and listening ears
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building and maintenance skills

Understand Relationships

Many farms have been in longstanding relationships with some processing companies for years. The bond has become so strong that the two companies are almost like one. This is what relationships can offer. Instead of just looking for prospects for your products, look to build relationships with prospects. 

Final words…

The sales rep has to be ready to enter new markets and bring in new business. There must be a conscious effort to increase capacity on the part of these sales reps.

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