Interview Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Any Sales Rep

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Interview Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Any Sales Rep

Unless you’re a complete newbie when it comes to business, you definitely know that you have to screen every sales representative you’re looking forward to working with. This will save you a lot from time wasters, people have different personalities and you want to make sure that the sales rep you bring on board not only has selling skills but also easier to go along with smoothly.

As a business owner or a sales manager you want to hire the best candidates but maybe you’re not sure how to get started, I’ll tell you that the best way to do it is by interviewing them with the right questions. You should ask your reps questions that will help you understand their life better and then you’re able to determine whether they’re fit to work in your business or not.

In this article we’ll share some of the best interview questions to ask your sales candidates before hiring them, these questions will give you deep insight into their skill and working style, plus also you’ll learn more about their hobbies and personalities. This isn’t the only list of questions you should stick to, whatever prerequisite you might have, you need to ask your sales reps in that area, so without further delay, let’s get started.

Interview Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Any Sales Rep

What will you choose and why if you have to do only one task for the entire left life?

This will help in seeing what he will do in a situation when he is being asked an unexpected question and how we will tackle that situation.

How do you spend your earned commissions?

This question will shape his expectations and also give him a feel that he will be making a lot of money here. In addition to that, this question will also clarifies him that we are on boarding on the same plane and all are here for some reason that is making money.

In your private life, how do you co-operate and communicate with the toughest person?

Sometimes customers can be really annoying and difficult to handle, asking this question to the candidate will help you in knowing how well he is prepared for the interview process.

How was your yesterday look like?

This question will help you in knowing how much productive the candidate can be by looking at how he schedules his day.

What do you most dislike being in the field of sales?

The answer of this question will let you know about the area where the candidate struggles the most in getting the work done.

While asking a prospect questions, what kind of question do you love to ask?

Questioning is more important than pitching in sales and it helps a representative in understanding the needs of a prospect.

How you handle customer demurrals?

A good preparation and complete knowledge about the product is required to handle the customer objections.

How you use your social media to makes sales?

Social selling plays a very important role in the field of sales. Make sure the candidate know how to use his social contacts to make sales.

What`s the role of content in your procedure of selling?

It is not required from a sales person to actively share content with his social contacts but he should know and willing to do so if required.

What kind of information do you search for while researching prospects before a meeting?

Make sure candidate know the need of looking at personal information other than the professional while researching prospects to make deeper and meaningful communication.

What will you do during first month of your job if you got selected for this position?

The answer will tell about the action capability of the candidate and also about its commitment to achieve something.

What do you suggest our sales team and company could perform better?

This question is very important in testing the capabilities of the candidate being interviewed. The answer to this question shows that well he was prepared for the interview regarding detailed study of the company`s profile. In addition to this, it will also let us know about the thinking level and mindset of the candidate.

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