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How to find an IT Sales Representative

Computer hardware, software, and IT services are vital products that organizations and companies can hardly work without in this digital age. Data needs to be collected, arranged, and stored so as to understand customer peculiarities and inclinations and IT products help with this.

Who is an IT Sales Representative?

An IT sales rep is a person who sells computer hardware, software, and IT services. This person can be a field sales rep or can work remotely as an inside sales rep. The internet has made it easy for many IT solutions to be done seamlessly. All the sales rep does is to follow the trail and close the sale via the internet or phone. 

IT products are quite many these days and it seems almost every problem has been solved by one company or the other. Depending on the IT niche, there is a solution tailored for the problem. Some IT companies, for instance, sell data protection solutions. 

An IT sales rep has a high earning potential. On the average, an IT sales rep earns a little over $99,000 (and this is before commissions for some companies). This sounds quite attractive but there are some things you need to know before you can be an IT sales rep.

How to Become an IT Sales Person

Find a Niche

There are so many aspects of IT. We have hardware, software, and IT services. You need to find an aspect you are good at. Under these aspects, there are other several aspects. For instance, under software, it could be data processing, data security, analytic software, optimization software, and so many others. Under hardware, it could be servers, internet and intranet services, and many others. You need to find a specialization. This could be though:

  • College degree
  • Longtime proficiency in an aspect
  • Experience 

Acquire Core Sales Skills

As an IT sales person, you will be required to make sales pitches and demonstrate the benefits of your product to prospects. These require more than just having a degree. When Steve Jobs wanted to present the iPhone 4 to the world, he had to pitch it in the best way possible. He was able to pitch from two angles: user experience and technical know-how. Here are essential skills you need to have: 

  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Confident and friendly personality
  • Ability to understand clients’ needs
  • Thorough understanding of the product
  • Up to date with industry news and trends
  • Good customer service skills

Get a Degree or Professional Experience

IT companies tend to employ more of college graduates. This is not unconnected to the fact that they have been taught the fundamentals of the IT world during their course of study. However, this does not rule out the fact that IT companies are really on the hunt for experience. College graduates are mostly greenhorns while experienced persons have been on the field. 

Final words…

The IT world is large and it needs both inside and field sales reps. The fundamentals of sales like persistence and ability to take rejection are still very useful to an IT sales rep. 

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