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How to find a Laboratory Sales Representatives

Tests, experiments, observations, and a lot of scientific processes have to be carried out. To get these done, laboratory equipment are needed. 

The thing about the world of scientific products is that new products are invented and patented and these have to be sold out to laboratories. Before the internet became the major shopping hub, companies would produce catalogs of their products. Prospects easily find how to order and get their products.

However, the internet has made the space more crowded and companies have had to employ both online and field sales tactics to get to their prospective customers. To do this, they engage the services of sales representatives.

Who is a Laboratory Sales Representative?

This is a sales rep that sells laboratory products to labs and science centers. This sales rep works for a company that produces the products.

Sales reps are the guys that bring the business for the company they work for. Though there are sales companies that do not produce their own products but market those of others. Notwithstanding, a sales rep has to sell. To do this, she has to reach out to prospects, pitch the benefits of her products, show them the advantage of doing business with her, sell, and keep in touch with the customers.

How to Become a Lab Sales Rep

Get a Degree or Relevant Qualification

This is a technical aspect. You may not be able to sell products in this line if you don’t understand the products and what they are used for. It is preferable to get an education in a field relating to the sciences. Employers are keen on hiring someone who has a deep understanding of laboratory products and can speak the language of science.

Be skilled

As a laboratory sales rep, you are catching up with prospects on the phone and physically. You need certain skills to help you do your job well. These skills are essential on the field and while on the phone with prospects. They are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Tested rapport building skills
  • Good relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • Ability to close sale at the perfect time
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Understand Prospects Thoroughly

You must have good research skills. Before you approach your prospects, you must understand how you can plug in to solve their problems with the products you sell. People want to buy solutions and your research will help you fit nicely into this.

Get Some Experience in Sales

You will be on the phone talking with prospects, handling accounts, meeting new clients, and studying the moves of your competitors, you need some experience to get these done effectively. You can apply for a sales program where you will learn sales and you can also do some sales internship.

Final words…

It is essential to build relationship in this line as labs keep in touch with each other. You may have to work with educational institutions and research institutes.

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