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Main Contact

Portland, OR Headquarters

SE 8th Avenue Suite #200 Portland, OR 97202

Phone: 503.234.6559

Fax: 503.234.4453 3880


Excel Brokerage has been fostering thriving relationships between retailers and distributors for well over 20 years. Between our three offices in Portland, Seattle and Spokane, we are able to process orders, deductions, promotional activity and shipment logistics for all Pacific Northwest customers. We prepare all of the paperwork for our clients by utilizing advanced electronic systems which allows us to efficiently handle all forms we process. Not only do we address the logistical side of business but we also promote our valued vendors to distributors, retailers and wholesalers. Our key to success is creating and maintaining strong relationships with those whom we work with. We strive for customer satisfaction. Excel Brokerage has been guided by CEO/President Carl Bangle. Carl has over 35 years of experience in this industry, centering primarily in the Pacific Northwest. His understanding of the industry, especially in the Pacific Northwest, has grown and evolved due to his steadfast loyalty to his roots. Carl has successfully refined and expanded Excel Brokerage over the years. You will find our very qualified sales team easy to work with and always striving to grow the business of our valued clients in the Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana markets.