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Jeff Brinkley

President Premier Sales and Marketing


Phone: 828-664-0522, Office: 828-505-5446

Secellia Carlton

Business Director Perishable


Phone: 828-669-9061

James Allen-Broker


Phone: 864-420-4560

Larry Noland

MDI Independents

Whether you are launching a new brand or line extension or managing existing SKU’s , the grocery business has many nuances and factors needed to achieve success at headquarter level or at store level. One of our hallmarks at Premier is we are known to be honest hard working people who are trustworthy and concerned about treating our clients like family. We strive to answer the phone on the first ring unlike many brokers who ask you to press the lb. button and do a spell by name directory. We are blessed to have some wonderful accounts here in our market. But there are demographic differences in them and we specialize in knowing what those are and customizing a fit for your brand that will lead to success. New grocery brands have an average failure rate of 98% is the USA. That is why it’s important to have someone like Premier who can take your program and make it fit for any of our accounts. Our customer relationship management allows us to give honest assessments on your business and the knowledge of our accounts to ensure you have the best chance at succeeding especially a new brand launch.