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Phone: (636) 633-6499
7777 Bonhomme Avenue, Ste 1800
Clayton, MO 63105 USA
Angie Echele, Founder

Get the sales, marketing, and distribution help you need, so you can focus on making the products the world is waiting for. We eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff.
Our team of experienced professionals have led retail sales, marketing, and supply-chain strategies for industry-leading brands including Purina, Pepsi, Energizer, Identigene, Anheuser-Bush, and more. We help our clients expand their in-store and online presence by solving their retail challenges and creating smart strategies for building long-term success.
Retail Smarter is led by founder Angie Echele and former client Steve Smith. Angie directed award-winning sales and marketing teams and managed a P&L in excess of a quarter billion dollars. After working with Retail Smarter for more than 10 years (as Executive Director for Identigene), Steve recently joined as a partner. Together, Angie and Steve use their passionate expertise to help clients exceed the expectations of retailers and shoppers.

We level the playing field.

Shoppers want new, unique, and authentic, but thousands of products get squeezed off the shelf before consumers ever have the chance to try them. Even worse, this limits our economy because it limits competition by keeping smaller companies locked out of big opportunities.
We level the playing field. We provide the outsourced sales, marketing, and distribution services our clients need, so that brands can win on the merit of their products rather than the size of their budget.

We’re WBENC certified.

As a WBENC-certified woman-owned business, we particularly understand the challenges facing companies owned by women or minorities. We provide the infrastructure our clients need, so they can focus on making the products the world is waiting for.