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How to find a Printing Sales Representative

Even with the digitization of the world, the place of print advertisement, print media, and print entertainment has not gone into extinction. We still get to collect print coupons, buy newspapers, see print magazines at the dentist’s office, and read our favorite print comics and literature. So, printing is still a big business.

However, a lot of companies are in this line. Many are moving out and shutting down, but the competition is still quite sizable. To beat competitors and get ahead of the market, companies send out sales reps to meet new clients and bring in their businesses.

Sales reps are professionals. They bring the business for the company they work for. Though there are sales companies that do not produce their own products but market those of others. Notwithstanding, a sales rep has to sell. The sales rep has to meet target and expand product reach.

Who is a Printing Sales Rep?

A printing sales rep is a professional who works for a printing company and brings in printing businesses from clients. 

The printing industry is going through a tough time with everything from newspapers to receipts being sent and received in soft copy. This increases the pressure on sales reps. They have to get new businesses to make up for the ones they have lost to digitization. Else, their companies go out of business. 

How to Become a Printing Sales Rep

Understand the Business

As much as everything is turning digital, there is still a big business for the print media and business in general. You need to study the business to know companies who are still offering print products or increasingly using print products. Target these businesses and look for ways of bringing their businesses in.

Be skilled

As a printing sales rep, you are catching up with prospects on the phone and physically. You need certain skills to help you do your job well. These skills are essential on the field and while on the phone with prospects. They are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Can build trust
  • Relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Persistence 
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Understand Prospects Thoroughly

You must have good research skills. Before you approach your prospects, you must understand how you can plug in to solve their problems with the products you sell. People want to buy solutions and your research will help you fit nicely into this.

Get Some Experience in Sales

You will be on the phone talking with prospects, handling accounts, meeting new clients, and studying the moves of your competitors, you need some experience to get these done effectively. You can apply for a sales program where you will learn sales and you can also do some sales internship.

Final words…

It might be a tough one but you are in for a lot of selling and pitching if you pick this part. Work on how you can increase brand reach within a wider geographical space.

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