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How to find a Product Sales Representative

There are products and there are services. Products, in this sense, are tangible items for sale. These are mostly seen with salespersons. These products could range from electronics to pharmaceuticals. 

A product sales representative can be an outside sales rep or an inside sales rep. Both can even work together. While the inside sales rep does the research and introduces the prospect to the product, the outside sales rep goes to complete the sale. Most product sales reps are outside sales as they get the product to the prospects and tests the product before the same. 

Who is a Product Sales Rep?

This is a person who sells the product of a company to prospects. Prospects in this case can be retailers or final consumers. Many times, all a sales rep has to do is to find markets for the products. Once this is done, supply will be made to these markets and sales quota will be reached. Some other times, the sales rep has to sell to final consumers. 

A product sales rep can earn up to $60,000 before commissions. A product sales rep can increase income with commission from sales. This method drives the sales rep to make more sale and venture into new markets. 

How to Become a Product Sales Rep

Be Specialized 

A furniture sales rep is not the same as a computer sales rep. Their products are different and so will their sales pitches. You need to find an industry you are conversant with. This could be through:

  • Course of study in school
  • Interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Be Skilled in Sales

As a product sales person, you need some skills to help you convert prospects and turn them into repeat customers. Some of these skills are classic sales skills that have proven to be effective for decades. They are:

  • Passion for lead generation and sales
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Persistence
  • Empathy and listening ears
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building and maintenance skills

Get Some Experience Beforehand

Most employers prefer to hire experienced sales people to product sales. This does not rule out the fact that fresh persons are also employed. Employers go for experienced people because they would not have to pay more to train these persons and research has proven that experienced people bring more results to the table. You can gain experience through: 

  • A sales program
  • A sales internship
  • A previous job in sales
  • Or previous experience as a salesperson for a personal product

Get licensed or Certified if Necessary

Just as an attorney or a doctor will need to get a license before practice, you may need to get license before you can sell some products. For instance, if you want to work as a pharmaceutical field sales rep, you must be licensed. Without the license you’d be going against the law. To avoid legal issues, get necessary certifications. If you have to take some courses or write exams, do it.

Final words…

As a product sales rep, you must know everything about the product you are selling and this requires specialization as stated above. Get familiar with it and know your prospects.

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