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How to find a Retail Sales Representative

Some sales reps sell to retailers while some others sell to final consumers. The lawn mower salesperson who goes from house to house demonstrating how highly efficient the product is fits the example of a retail sales rep.

Many companies have had to adopt this method as it has proven very efficient. The salespersons meet the customers at home or at work or remotely. It used to be back in the days that retail sales reps would make cold calls in the morning and drive around in Ford cars to meet prospects. Nowadays, many retail sales representatives now work as inside sales reps. With the internet, sales are done faster and easier.

Who is a Retail Sales Representative?

This is a sales rep that sells to final consumers. This person could work as a field sales rep or an inside sales rep. The goal is to sell as many products as possible to the final consumer. 

An average retail sales rep earns about $60,000 before commissions but this varies. The job can be very demanding as it takes trying to get a final consumer to see the benefit in buying a product. However, there is a lot to learn on the job. David Ogilvy, the father of Modern Advertising learned how to sell from being a retail sales representative at an early stage of his life.

What is Needed on the Job as a Retail Sales Representative?

Find a Specialization

Steve Jobs was able to sell the iPhone 4 successfully because he was very knowledgeable about the product and mobile phone technology. It wasn’t because he had a college degree (he didn’t even finish college). Specialization is key as this enables you to know everything about something. You can hardly sell what you don’t know enough about.

Develop Needed Sales Skills

There are some essential sales skills that you need to be geared with. These skills are very important in turning prospects into converts and making them repeat customers. Develop yourself to acquire these skills through constant practice. These skills have proven to be classic as they never go out of relevance. Some of these skills are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Rapport building skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Ability to handle rejection
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • Ability to close sale at the perfect time
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Study Your Prospects

You may have to do your research over the internet or carry out a survey. It is very important to know your customers. They are the people you are about to sell to. 

This also applies to those who are looking to land a job in retail sales. You may think this does not apply to you, but this is one of the questions employers ask during job interviews for outside sales rep. So, know it.

Final words…

As a seller to the final consumer, you want to understand the things that make people tick and what would also affect their purchase decisions. The points above can be of great help.

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