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How to find a Route Sales Representative

Constantly on the road and meeting with prospects, route sales reps are amongst the most common sales reps we get to see in the United States. They are mostly driving a company-branded vehicle and adding miles to make sales.

As with other sales job, they are the face of the manufacturer and brand and must be able to represent these well. They must ensure an excellent user experience in the hopes of making repeat customers out of existing ones. 

Route sales representatives must meet sales target and must keep customer accounts. They must ensure a good relationship with all customers. Apart from sales, safety and alertness are essential skills. As the route sales rep will constantly be on the road, they must ensure that utmost care is taken to avoid accidents and mishaps.

Who is a Route Sales Representative?

This is a sales professional who represents her company on the sales field by selling and delivering products to customers. A route sales rep uses the company car mostly, and they add up miles in meeting deadlines and delivering promptly.

Just like other sales reps, a route sales rep works under pressure. They have to meet sales target or the job may be on the line. However, many route sales reps have been able to discover opportunities and advance their careers in this field. 

How to Become a Route Sales Rep

Be Specialized 

A computer sales rep is not the same as a lawn mower sales rep. Their products are different and so will their sales pitches. You need to find an industry you are conversant with. This could be through:

  • Course of study in school
  • Interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Acquire Core Sales Skills

There are some essential skills required of a sales person. It is very important for someone representing a brand to be able to effectively protect the image of the brand. Some of these skills are classic sales skills that have proven to be effective for decades. They are:

  • Passion for lead generation and sales
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Must have listening ears
  • Needs to be an excellent communicator
  • Relationship building and maintenance skills
  • Good driving skills


Apart from being skilled in sales, a route sales rep has to keep clients’ accounts, know inventory levels, meet deadlines, engage in meetings physically or over the phone, and even handle some digital devices. The sales rep has to be able to engage in several things successfully.

Gather Some Field Experience

Due to the complexity that route sales involves, employers prefer to hire experienced sales rep. What they do most of the times is to put new recruits in the sales department under inside sales. Over time, recruits learn on the job and can move up to be field sales reps. However, if you’re passionate about this aspect, you need to have worked or interned in outside sales. So, get some experience beforehand.

Get licensed or certified if necessary

Before you can market some products, you need to be licensed or certified. Fields like pharmaceuticals and some other professional niches require certifications. Take courses and write exams, if necessary, to secure this license and ensure that you renew the license regularly. 

Final words…

Getting on the road to meet prospects is not an easy task but it gives the field experience of salesmanship that many can only imagine and admire.

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