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How to find a Skas Sales Representative

When companies manufacture products, they work with their sales teams to get these products to the markets. They run member of the sales team through sales program to train them for the field. Not every of these sales reps’ work on the field, some work as inside sales reps.

Research has revealed that companies could save a lot by recruiting inside sales rep. Statistics show that inside sales generate sales fifteen times faster than outside sales in the United States. This has led to an increase in the recruitment of inside sales representatives. SalesLoft reveals that for every outside sales rep hired, there are ten inside sales representatives employed by a company. 

While it is true that more companies are employing more inside sales reps, the place of outside sales reps cannot be glossed over. They get on the field to complete the sales pitch started by inside sales reps over the phone or internet. 

How to Become a Skas Sales

Be Specialized 

A computer sales rep is not the same as a lawn mower sales rep. Their products are different and so will their sales pitches. You need to find an industry you are conversant with. This could be through:

  • Course of study in school
  • Interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Acquire Core Sales Skills

There are some essential skills required of a sales person. Some of these skills are classic sales skills that have proven to be effective for decades. They are:

  • Passion for lead generation and sales
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal communication skill
  • Persistence
  • Empathy and listening ears
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building and maintenance skills

Effective Research Skills

Anybody can do research, but not everyone can do it effectively. With Google, you can learn about a lot of things. However, as an inside sales rep who wants to understand a prospect and sell effectively, your research skills has to be topnotch. For instance, marketing research reveals that moms buy more gift items and housewares than men. Other research reveals that Baby Boomers and Gen Zers have more purchasing power than many other groups. 

Good Communication Skills

Language is the basic tool of a sales rep’s job. The prospects don’t always get to meet you in person, so, how you present yourself on the phone or via the internet will give the lasting impression about you. You don’t want to ruin your chances of making a sale before even pitching the product.

Get Some Experience in Sales

You will be on the phone talking with prospects, handling accounts, meeting new clients, and studying the moves of your competitors, you need some experience to get these done effectively. You can apply for a sales program where you will learn sales and you can also do some sales internship.

Final words…

Getting to understand clients can seem a big job but you need to get out there to meet them. Many times, the meeting may be over the internet, but whichever it is, put some sales skills to work and work towards building lasting relationships.

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