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How to find a Staffing Sales Representative

Staffing agencies match employees and employers. They take a lot of requests from employers and invite applications from potential employees. This outsourced aspect has saved the HR departments a lot of strain and stress they undergo. However, it is not always easy to get employers and companies to outsource what they already have HR departments for. They have to be convinced that the HR’s job goes beyond hiring and firing and involves other aspects. The finding of the most fitting candidate for a particular position should be best left to the staffing agencies. 

Staffing agencies employ sales rep to get the convincing done. They work with companies to see what positions need to get filled and they get them the best candidate for the job. Many times, HR departments want to be thrifty with the amount they pay these agencies. It falls on the sales rep to ensure that things are worked out to suit both parties.

Who is a Staffing Sales Rep?

This is a professional who works with agencies to pitch the effectiveness of her company in getting the right candidate for job when a vacancy opens up.

The job can be tough and if the sales rep is not a genuine lover of the industry, she might face burnout soon enough. The motivation to push harder in this job may be the number of unemployment cases the sales rep is solving on a monthly basis.

How to Become a Staffing Sales Rep

Deep Interest 

This is a job that can be very frustrating. The people employed don’t want to get fired or leave their jobs and the number of people leaving colleges aren’t at par with the little number of jobs available. Thus, as passion breeds enthusiasm, the sales rep must have passion for the job. Many people have different things that get them up in the morning. Whatever it is for the sales rep must be strong enough to meet the quota.

Be Skilled

As a sales rep in this line will be meeting with HR professionals and a lot of executives to find out about openings and discuss opening potentials, sales skills have to come to play. The sales rep must have the basic skills that can help in convincing that whoever the staffing agency will be presenting will be the best.

Understand Relationships

The sales rep has to be able to build a lot of relationships in the field. These relationships must be kept ongoing for long periods as openings may open up at any time. It should be noted that a lot of businesses are in this field as a sales rep’s job may be worth the weight of her network. 

Be Current

As new companies are opening up, they are looking to get staffs. The sales rep must be able to anticipate this and fit into that need. 

Final words…

It can be demanding as well as engaging but it’s really worth it. When the good being done is considered, the sales rep can really be seen as a tri-sector athlete (one who works with public, private, and NGOs to achieve goals).

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