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How to find a Technology Sales Rep

With more tech products manufacturers flooding the market with new products, sales reps are needed to get these items to final consumers. Many times, the technological sales rep may have to work with a network of retail outlets where the products are distributed to. 

The job requires constant hunting of new prospects as the competition in the market is quite high. The sales rep has to deal with competitor brands sales rep, the internet retail stores, and many retailers who get products through the supply chain or directly from the manufacturer. 

Who is a Technology Sales Rep?

A tech sales rep sells tech items or gadgets like phones, computers, smart speakers, and other tech products that consumers have increasingly come to depend on. The sale does not necessarily have to be to final consumers, sales reps can sell to businesses. Many sales reps travel to offices, workshops, and sales events such as conventions and expositions. 

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median income for those in this profession is $39,630. This could be explained by the increasing avenues for tech companies to sell their products apart from the traditional use of sales rep.

Many sales reps in this line work under pressure. This can be said to be the case for many in the sales line.

How to Become a Technology Sales Rep?

Be Qualified

Well, you may not need a college degree for this job as considerable knowledge of tech will help you get through. However, you can take some courses to becomes a technology sales professional. Most times, the sales rep will have to give a practical demonstration of how the product will solve problems or help optimize a process. Some other times, presentation skills are very vital.

One important aspect of a sales rep’s job is answering questions. Prospects are bound to have questions about the product and may have some technical questions nor directly relating to the field. 

Be Skilled

Expertise in computers and other high-tech devices in required for this job. You must be able to establish credibility, demonstrate and explain features, and answer questions. When dealing with final consumers, the sales rep must be able to explain the products in very simple and convincing terms. Here are some skills that will be of great help: 

  • Can communicate effectively
  • Can build trust easily
  • Relationship building skills
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Be Specialized 

Technology products are highly digital. They are upgraded mostly within a year or two. You’ve got to know enough about a particular aspect to sell the products. This is why specialization is required as the field is very wide. Find a niche where you fit in the most. You can get this niche via: 

  • Education
  • Deep interest 
  • Special knowledge of a particular kind of products.

Final words…

With the tough competition and the pressure to get a lot sold, tech sales reps have to learn fast on the job. The above points can be of help.

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