Wholesale Tips – Why You Need Sales Order App That’s Accessible Offline

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Wholesale Tips – Why You Need Sales Order App That’s Accessible Offline

You probably know all the benefits that come with a sales order app, but there is the need to understand that sales order apps are of two types, those that work online and the ones that work offline, both come with their advantages. Online sales order apps are more popular among sales reps because of some unique features, they offer instant update to sales reps, when there are changes almost everyone that have access to the app will receive such updates instantly and sales reps can send and receive data from back office effortlessly.

On the other hand offline sales order apps also have their own benefits, as a sales rep you’ll be visiting places or sometimes different countries. There is no guarantee of strong wifi connection in these locations and that’s when offline sales order apps come in handy by allowing you to work comfortably without worrying about weak internet connection or when it’s not available at all.

Using offline order management apps is a highly effective way to get all that sales that are not possible because of the limited use of other apps. Offline access apps allow you to write full orders without being connected to the web. In this article we share some of the benefits that come with offline sales order apps and how it can be helpful in your wholesale business.

Why You Need Sales Order App That’s Accessible Offline

Quick access and zero bugs

Apps that rely on strong Wi-Fi connections have a lot of crashing incidents. When the Wi-Fi signal is low or completely lost, your order will be restarted or just stuck on your screen, this situation puts you in a bad position towards your customers. An offline app will let you have nice access and fast order process so that the buying experience can be satisfying for your customer.

Forget about the trade show internet

In the first place, you won’t need to spend money on wifi or any alternative connection; secondly, any customer will have to wait for your data connection to set the order or even will save you from losing orders or part of them. Saving time and having orders efficiently is crucial to keep customers loyal.

Write orders while on visits

Isn’t it embarrassing to ask for the Wi-Fi password before processing an order? Forget about those situations during your store visits, using an offline app you’ll be able to offer a better experience to your customers.

Pre-write orders and search for reports despite your connection

Use any little free time you have, waiting in the line, on a bus, in the traffic, a cafe or at the airport to:

  • Have that orders pre-written and ready to go before appointments
  • Get information about your customers’ orders
  • Check on their favorite articles and define a sales strategy with that reports

If you have to wait until you have a strong connection to use your sales app, these little moments will be lost and it surely affects your efficiency with the management of your orders.

Save money from data services.

To buy smart devices for your sales reps is a must if you want them to be really effective, but it’s not only about getting them those devices but to maintain them working at a fine pace. Data services will drain you valuable resources that you can fairly use for other purposes in order to easily achieve your sales goals.

Estimating solutions for sales order management is a very important process that you need to evaluate taking on count what benefits you will have with them, and how much availability it has. An app that you can’t use while in short periods of free time, or that you need to wait some minutes to let it start working with the possibility that it crashes at some point, is a bad investment for your sales performance. If you are evaluating this, keep in mind that an offline solution will give you all the possible availability of the tools you need to close any deal with a customer or to provide great customer experience and finally this will affect positively their willingness to continue being loyal to your business.

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