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How to find a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

With more than 70% of Americans on one prescription drug and more than half taking about two daily, the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that will continue to have relevance. 

Perhaps the highest demand for pharmaceutical products comes from the ageing population. Known as the Baby Boomers in marketing terms, this group has been noted to spend more on drugs and medications than any other group. They are getting old but want to remain young and active and are working hard at achieving this goal.

A pharmaceutical sales rep has to understand the times and seasons and plan to strategically supply what is needed to the market. During winter, a lot of people develop flu. The sales rep must anticipate this and supply beforehand.

Who is a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep?

This is a sales rep who networks with pharmacies and drug stores to get her products on the shelves. A pharmaceutical sales rep does not sell to final consumer. This sales rep keeps account of stores and ensures that their shelves are constantly filled with products from her brand. 

With pharmaceutical giants in the market, the competition may be very tough as the sales rep has to look for ways to make up for the sales lost to competition. Many times, the sales rep has to network with hospitals and clinics and offer steep prices so as to beat the competition.

The job is very competitive but has a lot of career development potentials. With years of work and relationship, you can build a lasting reputation in the industry.

How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Be Certified

This is an important requirement before you can venture into the sale of pharmaceutical products. You need to become a Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR). You need to take an exam that requires a minimum score of 80% to pass.

Be Knowledgeable

You will be meeting with several players in the field, especially, health care professionals. You must be able to give a pitch about your product and draw interest to it almost immediately. 

You need to understand the sensitivity of the medical field and the utmost care taken before a product is bought. You must ensure that packaging and handling are done properly to make lasting impressions on the mind of the prospect.

Be Skilled as a Salesperson

A medical salesperson is still a salesperson. This means that the marketing skills needed to convince prospects of the need to buy the product and complete sales must be acquired. Some of these skills have been in used for long and are highly essential to any sales endeavor. They are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Rapport building skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Ability to handle rejection
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • Ability to close sale at the perfect time
  • A thorough understanding of the product

Build Relationships

With the strong competition being faced in the industry, you need to build lasting relationships with players in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Network with members of professional groups.

Final words…

The average income for people in this profession is $80,000. However, many that earn up to this put in a lot of time and effort. You must be willing to do this.

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