About RepResearch™ Sales Rep Database

The Network…

RepResearch™ is the largest manufactures representative agency in the United States of America. Our goal is to connect independent manufacturers representatives with innovative new product lines.

We are the easiest path to market for a product that is seeking national retail sales, connecting products that are ready for retail with established representatives that know buyers seeking the next hot product.

There is no risk in joining as we never charge our representatives and our suppliers have an unlimited 7 day trial pass so that they can explore the entirety of the website without any pay to play restrictions.

The Manufacturers…

If you seek to find a sales representative for your brand, RepResearch™ works with hundreds of active manufactures representatives, independent agents and brokers. You will discover established sales reps in every state as well as Canada and parts of the Caribbean.

Introductions to representatives are guaranteed, however they are not required to pick up any line. We believe that only when a representative believes in your product line will it be a successful partnership.

The Representatives…

RepResearch™ is always FREE for manufacturers representatives. We do not have any hidden fees, sneaky advertisements or costs. Companies will be contacting you and there is no pressure to pick up a product line that you do not personally believe in.

We will bring you opportunities with new product lines that can expand your territory and leverage existing retail relationships.

More about the company

RepResearch™ is a commission only sales rep database company established in the United States of America.

We serve our customers in their needs to find and develop relationships with retail sales brokers, independent manufactures representatives and experienced commission-only sales reps.