Best Strategies Sales Reps Can Use To Prepare Sales Meeting Successfully

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Best Strategies Sales Reps Can Use To Prepare Sales Meeting Successfully

Sales reps spend a lot of time in sales meetings, about 19% of the time they’re in a meeting with a client, it will even take more time when it comes to preparing such meetings as long as you’re the type that plans their meetings wisely.

Any successful sales rep knows that the time spent on preparing sales meetings is much higher than the time spent on the meeting itself, and the sad news is that only 1 out of 50 sales meetings are closed on the first meeting. First meeting usually doesn’t guarantee closing the deal, it however open more room for conversations with the client, once you failed at the first meeting, you’ll hardly get another opportunity to speak with your prospect.

Sales meetings come at a cost also, because research shows that $100 is spent on average per minute of sales meeting, you have to invest in booking places and have to invest on other resources also that are needed and they don’t come for free.

Even though the chance of closing the sale from right from first sales meeting is really slim, you have to do all you can as a sales rep to increase your chances! And the best way to do that is by planning your sales meetings the right way. This article will share some strategies that will help you plan the best meeting with your clients.

Best Strategies Sales Reps Can Use To Prepare Sales Meeting Successfully

Be Prepared

To really show that you’re dedicated to the goals and not be caught unprepared, ensure that you spend time to understand the company, its speciality and the representatives you have an appointment with.

A research by Forrester Research showed that almost ¾ of sales personnel are far from ready to reply to questions from the purchaser in a sales appointment and that up to 77% do not completely comprehend the purchaser’s issues.

To be ready for the sales meeting, keep these in mind and do them:

Read the organization’s website in detail to comprehend their vision and goals.

View their current happenings, blog news and writings.

Another good way to connect with whoever you’re meeting on a more personal level is to view their social media profile to find out their interests and preferences as well as by talking about mutual relations.

Attempt to find out the position of the company in the market and how they compare with their rivals.

Make Sure To Review Your Pitch Multiple Times

Above all, be fully informed about the sales presentation in all aspects, ask someone you know who has no prior knowledge of the meeting to run through your pitch as you view it from different angles and eliminate things that are not ideal for the pitch.  Use consistent language that can easily be digested.


Add questions

Set up your questions properly prior to the appointment to understand the company’s needs in order to portray that you prepared beforehand. Here are some examples;

  • What budget scale are you planning to invest for projects like this?
  • What do you desire for a company like ours to perform that you’re still yet to get?
  • Apart from your company, who are the stakeholders in this project?
  • In what ways can I make your work more efficient?
  • What is the next thing that needs to be done and what is the deadline?

Confirm the meeting points

If a representative has made your trip arrangement, ensure it is correct and as you prepare before the appointment, revisit the venue and schedule details. A study indicated that almost 60% of all workers did not show up punctually for their meetings and other events related to their jobs at least one time each week.

Have enough sleep

Did you know that one of the factors that heavily contribute to sleeplessness is a mind that is always working? A questionnaire conducted on more than 20,000 people by the Great British Sleep found that a feeling of anxiety about the next day is one of the crucial factors of insomnia. Of course, it’s not unexpected that the questionnaire results also implied that the heaviest downside of lack of sleep is daytime lethargy the next day, which could lead to reduced effectiveness and efficiency.

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