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How to find a Clergy Sales Representative

The religious world will almost be unidentifiable without the various outfits and fittings. These items are used for symbolism and the creation of a religious atmosphere. The cassock, the gowns, the items in the pew and pulpit need to be produced somewhere. Business persons have to be in the loop to create an effectively running machinery in the line. 

The manufacturers of these items need to make sales pitches and get their products to the religious institutions. To do this, they engage the services of clergy sales reps.

Sales reps bring in the business for the companies they work for. They go out to meet prospects, get their business, and establish a lasting relationship with them.

Who is a Clergy Sales Rep?

This is a sales professional engaged by a manufacturer of clergy items. The sales rep has to bring in business from religious institutions, churches, cathedrals, and other places of worship. 

Just like other sales rep, the clergy sales rep works under pressure. The sales rep must meet a sales quota.

These sales reps are mostly given a territory to work in. They have to ensure that they meet sales target in that area through any means possible. They may have to make cold calls, schedule meetings, and convince prospects on how the products they sell is the best for them.

A sales rep has to be presentable in appearance. This means the person must pay attention to the outfit and look. More, the sales rep must be a good communicator and negotiator. It would also help a lot if the sales rep knows a great deal of mathematics, as she may need to think fast with prices and estimates.

How to Become a Clergy Sales Rep?

Understand the Industry

This is an industry that tries to be conservative and distant from controversies. It might take being careful to be able to get business in the industry. Also, you should understand that religious institutions go for topmost quality as many items stay for long in their parishes. 

Get Some Skills 

There are some essential sales skills that you need to be geared with. These skills are very important in turning prospects into converts and making them repeat customers. Develop yourself to acquire these skills through constant practice. These skills have proven to be classic as they never go out of relevance. Some of these skills are: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Active listening skills and empathy
  • Be Tenacious
  • Learn to take “No”
  • Demonstration and presentation skills
  • Ability to close sale at the perfect time


Even though this profession does not require a degree, employers now prefer to hire people with college degrees. A theory has it that a prior knowledge in marketing, business, psychology, economics, sociology, and public speaking is considered highly helpful by employers. So, you may want to get a degree or a GED. A high school diploma with field experience could really help.

Final words…

You need to be able to play by the rules of religious institutions. Networking also helps as some institutions have wide networks.

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