How To Choose Sales Order Management Software For Your Sales Team

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How To Choose Sales Order Management Software For Your Sales Team

As a wholesaler you have to use the right sales order management software in order to manager both your sales team and your retailers. Whether you’re handling small or larger units, sales apps will help you simplify most of the task when it comes to distributing your products. Using old methods like writing order on paper or using spreadsheets will slow your business down in a number of ways, one of them is decrease in productivity from your sales reps, and low productivity will lead to ineffectiveness in your business.

In this era even small businesses can afford to use sophisticated order management tools that were once only available to big brands. Just by investing a few hundreds of dollars or even less than that, you can now save your business a lot of money and can achieve more in less time.

There are lots of sales order management apps out there, there are lots of them in the sense that you’ll get confused when selecting the right one for your business, every developer is claiming to have the best app or software for wholesalers. That’s why in this article we decided to list down the features you need to look for in any sales order management software, in the end you should understand it’s all about finding a software that meet your business needs and the one you can afford.

How To Choose Sales Order Management Software

 Choose a software that gives you control

When selecting order management software, select one that offers a solitary view of your entire sales orders of your entire B2B platforms. You will require proper features to handle and manipulate the information.

Next, confirm that the orders can be effectively seen, altered, and checked over the wholecycle. Your back-office request preparing group must possess the option to affirm deals orders as indicated by pre-characterized work processes. To guarantee an effortless purchase processing system, incorporate your software with the ERP system you select to optimize using one system to perform all functions.

Your software must be completely configurable in the direction that your business is functioning and the way in which you handle your requests.

Choose the one that’s easily adaptable

If you want to run and manage your clients price lists with ease across various currencies, you may need an import feature through an ERP system. Hence, choose one that offers this capability.

When it can be tweaked to accommodate your needs, you will have the ability to control your sales cycle more. It will help you when you can set and alter discount rates by clients as well as market certain items via up-selling and cross-selling. Hence, you must have the choice to alter your system without having to turn to costly programming over user-orientated rules.

Make sure that you can collect and maintain the in-store sales of your entire sales agents live together with giving them the data they may require.

Compatible with your device

One of the best ways for order management is choosing software that will function with the choice device of your sales agent. Also, select one that is multi-platform to provide the optimal mobile CRM answer.

Improve how you can run your business

The ideal software will enable you to gain fresh findings like client purchasing trends, top-performing items and etc.

Additionally, you will have the capability to establish client relationship by utilizing their information to learn more about their preferences as the software will help you to analyse your clients’ favourite sales channels.

Arrive at informed decisions and create marketing tactics for some products, according to the feature of the software that can offer sell-through transparency at your brick-and-mortar shops.

Any system you choose must have the capacity of connecting to your order-to-cash data, to provide an overall view of your business in one view. Hence, choose reporting functions that can be tweaked to allow you to check your order-to-cash operations constantly.


The correct software can also help you optimally take care of your purchase orders from your entire B2B channels in one place.  This is essential because then inventory levels would remain current and can be viewed by all sections of your business, whether they are in the sales department, warehouse personnel, higher levels of authorities or even customer service personnel.

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