How To Write A Better Sales Proposals As A Sales Rep

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How To Write A Better Sales Proposals As A Sales Rep

It all starts with your sales proposal, you first have to draft a sales proposal before you move on to designing your sales presentations. As a sales rep it’s not a wise move to schedule meetings with prospects without first crafting a good sales proposal, your sales proposal will have all important information regarding your product and pertaining the prospect as well.

You want to make sure that you’ve gathered all data about their business and how your product can to solve the problem they’re facing. Talking to prospects without drafting sales proposal will result in aimless conversation that hardly lead to closing the sale.

A sales proposal will not only help you get the sale, it will also help you offer more up-sells which in turn mean larger sales for you. You now can see that it’s not wise to ignore sales proposals in your sales campaign. Let’s now share some of the ways you can craft a good sales proposal in order to standout from the crowd and make more sales for your company.

How To Write Better Sales Proposals As A Sales Rep

Prospect’s objectives based

First, think about the person you are writing for, what are his needs, opinions, objectives and probable budgets. The prospect is the principal target you are aiming for in your proposal so keep in mind that you need to reach him genuinely, showing that you understand his necessities and have the possibilities to manage and effectively fulfill them. This is the first and most important step, no need to overact, honesty and facts are the keys that are going to give you the client’s trust.

Don’t focus on deliverables.

If you focus only on saying what you can offer, the proposal may not be relevant for your client. What your prospect wants to know is about the outcomes your work will have and what are you committing for. Describe directly and simply what are the objectives of your work and how they will impact on the benefit of the prospect.

 Make it short

It’s hard to read a long text with lots of details, the first reaction to this kind of documents is simply ignoring them. Try to write your proposal on only one page, be concise, and highlight the areas that you know this specific prospect is interested in.

Propose three options

By giving your prospect three options you’ll create in it the sensation that it’s a personal choice, not an imposition or “only one way out” solution, furthermore it will let you set a wide range of prices increasing your chances to get more benefits from the proposal and finally your prospect will feel that the job of looking for options is done, and it’s more likely that he stays with one of the options you are offering.

 Sign a contract

To have a document where both parts can formally commit and take responsibility for a proposal is a very effective technique that prospects read as “ready to go” business so they will feel more likely to close the deal with you at that very moment.

Make an impressive e-mail

Be sure to make an impact impression with your e-mail by focusing on these three aspects:

  • Subject line: Write something that could be eye-catching and interesting at first sight for your prospect, like: “Our proposal on how to increase your actual market”.
  • Covering e-mail: Keep it short, remember the main objective is that the prospect opens the proposal, and just be sure that it is well written.
  • Your attachment: Make sure that the name of your file is the same (or almost) as the title of your email, generic files with random numbers or letter will not outstand.

Show a timeline

Having a visual aid on how the objectives would be achieved is a powerful tool to convince the prospect by giving him the feeling of clarity and control on getting results.

Make it a quick read

Surely your prospect has numerous proposals to read, make yours direct and concise so that you can communicate the core ideas that will engage him. To keep it easily and quickly readable, write short paragraphs, sentences, and phrases.

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