How Wholesalers Can Sell More Products With Digital Catalogs

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How Wholesalers Can Sell More Products With Digital Catalogs

We’re living in the digital age and if you’re not using latest innovations in your business you’ll be far behind your competition. Consumer behaviors are changing; they’re always looking for the best shopping experience for products and services.

Looking back at the old systems, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributers used printed mail order catalogs to promote and sell their products and services. But it’s unbelievable despite all the downside of using these outdated systems a lot of businesses are not using digital catalogs to showcase their products. As a wholesaler or distributor you shouldn’t rely on bulky paper work for showcasing products to clients. Apart from high cost of printing these catalogs, no customer will love to go through a lot of paper work to choose products in these modern times.

Let’s share some of the ways digital catalogs can help your business grow faster;

How Digital Catalogs Can Help Your Business Grow

Providing Real Time Information

With the traditional paper catalog, when there is a change of information regarding any product, any paper work printed becomes irrelevant, if you’ve printed thousands of such papers for your sales reps they have to be printed again and the printed ones are of no use. or your field reps will end up giving wrong information to buyers and this will lead to lots of conflicts since what your salespeople promise on the field has already changed at the back office.

On the other hand products can be out of stock but still your sales team end up selling these products. All these come with a lot of problems, you need modern systems that can be updated at once and can reach all concerned teams instantly. Digital catalogs can be hosted on cloud, this means as long as there is internet connection all information will be updated in real time for anyone that’s connected to the app, customers can shop at their own convenience without the presence of a sales rep to guide them.

Easier To Navigate

Digital catalogs are far easier to navigate than papers; it’s easier to group your products into subcategories and can be grouped for each customer. As a wholesaler you don’t want to present all your products to the buyers, some are interested in product from only a specific category and can be presented to them in an organized way.

With digital apps you can design the product catalog in such a way that all basic info is displayed on the product and when buyers click they can view more information in detail and can add more marketing content such as images, videos and how product works if applicable. Pricing info is always available and they can compare between different product types. As customers shop through the catalog they can add products to cart, later on they can review their shopping cart again to eliminate or add more products and they can view how much they’ll be charged for all products in total and the discount they’ll receive. A lot of information can be added and your sales reps don’t need to handle all that, there should be independent staff that will be responsible for handling such type of work. Whenever the catalog is updated, sales team get instant update, in some cases they will even be notified with a message through their mobile app.

Fast Order Processing

Another great benefit of digital catalog is that it’s faster to process and take orders from clients. Customers can swipe their credit card and process order by themselves without going through the hassle of manual paper writing. Once they view the products in the cart they can proceed to processing the order and invoice will be automatically generated, and at the same time can be send to their email or their assigned sales rep can print for them right away using mobile gadgets that are available. Receipt can also be sent to their email or get a print if they want.

Digital catalogs are far more efficient than paper catalogs, when you take a look at the cost of printing papers, this downside alone will cost your business a lot, not even talking of carrying these bulky papers, Product images aren’t displayed properly and are not organized. Using digital catalog is the best way to provide excellent shopping experience to your customers.

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