Important Aspects You Need To Know Before Working With Independent Sales Reps

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Important Aspects You Need To Know Before Working With Independent Sales Reps

Sales reps are one of the core components of every business especially wholesalers, if you’re just starting out it’s not easy to manage the business and at the same time manage a sales team within your company. Independent sales reps are definitely the best option for you than internal sales reps. If you want to increase company revenue you don’t want to spend a lot of time hiring and training internal sales reps that don’t have any guarantee of increasing your revenue, in this case you also want to consider working with independent sales reps.

You don’t have much to lose when it comes to working with independent sales reps, they have a lot of experience and they don’t need extensive training. You can bring independent sales reps on board right away to start closing deals and you can notice increase in profit for your business within a short period of time. With that said that doesn’t mean you’ll just jump in and hire any independent sales rep or sales agency for your wholesale business, some can be time wasters or will end up promoting your products the wrong way. You have to take into consideration some factors before hiring any independent sales rep and this article will highlight some of the important factors you need to consider before hiring independent sales reps.

Important Aspects You Need To Know Before Working With Independent Sales Reps

Independent sales representatives are not like other permanent employees

Independent sales representatives have their own social circle with customers through which they sell products and also provide services being offered by different companies and in return they get commission for using their contacts for leads. There often comes a situation when a company becomes greedy and don`t pay commission the source of that initial transaction on getting repeat orders and this eventually leads to the bad reputation of company regarding fair dealings with sales representatives.

Consider cycle of sales of products and services

There are different sales cycles for different kind of products and companies should be honest in telling the cycle of sales for that particular product and services for which they are being asked to generate leads through their contacts, this honesty makes a strong and loyal relationship between your company and independent sales representatives. Some representatives like to go with products having bigger sales cycle and high commission yield and these are mostly highly experienced people while others who are newbies in market favors products with short sales cycle.

Is your company`s structure compatible to work with sales representatives that are paid only commission?

Independent sales representatives considers both high growth expected startups and well established companies but they prefer more with the well established companies because they already achieved a strong brand image in the market that helps them in generating more leads. Independent sales representatives have their own social circle of customers and on the basis of their contact, they are a little expensive as compared to normal employees.

Are the financial resources of you company are being consumed for the betterment of company`s future?

The circle of customers of independent sales representative and remarkable quality of the company`s product goes hand in hand for strong lead generation. Company`s customer care service, high quality attracts competent sales representatives which then converts leads into transactions.

Does your company provide training to your employees?

Training plays a very important role in your company`s relationship with commission based sales representatives. Once they are given the training, they know about the competitive advantages of the product and services they are offering and on the basis of that, they can do better and effective marketing to their contacts.

You should pay commission always on time.

Sales representatives should be paid fairly for their hard work on time and if you don`t pay your sales representative then it will lead to bad image in market and eventually lose competent workforce.

You should never try to control you sales partners like other normal employees

Commission based sales representatives works independently and works a bridge between the company and customer market and they don`t like any kind of enforcement and restriction placed on them by any collaborating company.

You should not be Greedy.

Sales representatives play a very important role in the growth of a business and the company should be paying a fair amount of commission on sales being done by its sales representatives even in the case of direct transaction of a customer whose first purchase was made through an agent.

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