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How to find an In-house Sales Representative

As field sales reps go on the field to meet prospects and bring in more businesses, companies assist them by employing a member of the sales team who can help get on the phone and follow up, attend sales shows, manage accounts, and work with clients’ data for future purposes. These are known as in-house sales reps.

Sales reps bring the business for the company they work for. Though there are sales companies that do not produce their own products but market those of others. Notwithstanding, a sales rep has to sell. To do this, she has to reach out to prospects, pitch the benefits of her products, show them the advantage of doing business with her, sell, and keep in touch with the customers. However, some do the background work and don’t have to get on the field to meet prospects.

Who is an In-house Sales Rep?

An in-house sales rep is a sales professional who assists the field sales rep in handling data, ensuring follow up is done, managing accounts, and working with clients. 

The in-house sales rep has to be good with data analysis. She must be able to keep records and establish relationships with prospects and existing customers. The sales rep must be able to represent the company at events and trade shows.

How to Become an In-house Sales Rep

Understand the Sales Funnel Process

Before a sale is made, a lot of processes come to play. There is the state of brand awareness and getting the customer to be interested in the product and there is the place of selling the benefits of the product. Getting the customer to be interested in a product may require a lot of work. And this is why the sales reps must have an understanding of this. 

Be skilled

As an in-house sales rep, you are catching up with prospects on the phone and physically. You need certain skills to help you do your job well. These skills are essential on the field and while on the phone with prospects. Here are some of the essential skills: 

  • Must be a brilliant communicator
  • Can build trust with prospects
  • Must have excellent relationship building skills
  • Being an active listener is an advantage
  • Must be persistent
  • Must have strong emotional resilience to handle rejection
  • Good demonstration and presentation skills
  • Must have thorough understanding of the product

Study Your Prospects

You must have good research skills. Before you approach your prospects, you must understand how you can plug in to solve their problems with the products you sell. People want to buy solutions and your research will help you fit nicely into this.

Get Some Experience in Sales

You will be on the phone talking with prospects, handling accounts, meeting new clients, and studying the moves of your competitors, you need some experience to get these done effectively. You can apply for a sales program where you will learn sales and you can also do some sales internship.

Final words…

The job of an in-house sales rep can require a lot of paperwork. It also requires following up the prospects on the phone. However, it has a lot of potentials in instilling essential sales skills.

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