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Main Contact

Gary Seidman


In a very short time span, Seidman Food Brokerage has gone from a South Florida food broker to a regional food broker serving Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, the Carolinas and Tennessee.

Seidman Food Brokerage believes in working closely with all parties involved in the selling process – principals – distributors – store level managers – retailers and – merchandisers. We act as a liaison to bring awareness of strengths and awareness of areas in need of improvement.

This belief is also reflected on a more intimate level, within our organization. We truly act on the concept of togetherness. Gary takes great pride in telling you: “The real strength [of our company] is in our people. We have great people! Nobody in our field can match the experience levels and capabilities of our team”.

While most all products sold by Seidman Food Brokerage might best be described as shelf stable “Specialty & Natural foods”, they are not all Gourmet Items. The company represents a number of ethnic lines – Mexican, Indian, Asian, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Kosher Food, as well as Frozen Foods and non-food items with an ever growing variety of principals.

Good fortune doesn’t just happen. Seidman Food Brokerage has worked long and hard assembling their team of food sales professionals.

“Our principals and our customers have come to rely on us. When you want something, it gets done.” Gary says. “Our manufacturers know that no matter how large or small they are, they [their products] are going to get the attention and service they require. We want them to feel they are important,” Gary emphasizes.