Sales Presentations With Tablets – How To Use Them To Your Advantage As A Sales Rep

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Sales Presentations With Tablets – How To Use Them To Your Advantage As A Sales Rep

Mobile technology is a driver for sales reps, using mobile devices will definitely help you in of different ways, and one way is by using tablets to design your presentations effortlessly. As you’ve spend a lot of time to fix appointments with your clients you don’t want to take any chance in your presentations. Some sales reps will do it manually on a piece of paper, that’s really outdated method.

You need to use tablet devices that allow you to show visuals, videos and statistics to client, this will make you look like a professional sales rep. We’ll share in this article how sales presentation with tablets can help you sale more effectively when talking to prospects.

How To Use Sales Tablet Presentations Can Help You As A Sales Rep

You have information at your finger tips

Instead of carrying a bulky bag filled with papers you have all the information you need on your tablet. You can showcase your products with ease and all information regarding your products is available to your prospects. You don’t need to call back office to get price update or availability of products, as long as you your sales app is hosted online, update is received instantly to all sales reps.

Improve Sales Productivity

Tablets can enable sales agents to optimize time and equip themselves at a higher pace besides cutting back on salecycle time.

When they consume less time for office tasks and looking for item data, they can use that time to sell, which is their expertise. Even the 15 minutes they gain while awaiting their appointment arrangement can be effectively utilized to perform administrative duties if they possess portable and sufficient software and applications.

Provide your sales agent with tablets sufficiently equipped with item information, software for presenting, sales training and related materials and they will be able to speed up their learning pace, increase their confidence and began selling more efficiently.

Given that the list of tablet applications for sales is growing, examples being CRMs, digital signature, directed selling, and lead management, sales agents can now complete deals faster than ever.

Better Customer Experience

Recognize that oozing satisfaction when you first made thatparticular purchase where the clerk simply swiped your credit card from her iPad? Realistically, it was only 8 years ago, when the “Year of the Tablet,” changed the entire buying experience. You can utilize this to impress your clients.

It’s not merely clients who are lured to tablets during the sales process, but also the sales agents. This can be a great set-up to attain the place where both your sales agents and clients watch in awe of the products you offer.

When customersmeet your sales agent walking in equipped with thattablet, there’s this special credit gained. Your sales agent will look not just professional but also more knowledgeable. Your clients will feel secured and convenient knowing that your sales agent can obtain the relevant information in just a matter of minutes.

Aberdeen says it like this: Clients anticipate an effortless experience. They won’t put up with or even accept a brand that is not properly equipped with the best, recent tools that belong to their own field because in their eyes, this may simple project the company’s lack of preparation for the future.

The underlying fact is that your clients anticipate your sales agents to arrive prepared with at least a tablet. Lacking such a simple technological device may plunge the trust they have for you.

Great Tablets Require Great Content

However, a device holds no value without its content; the tablets you equip your sales agents with should contain cutting-edge applications and amazing content to instil a smooth flow of marketing tactics throughout the business.

Look at the iPod for example. It was the presence of iTunes and a library of engaging content that revolutionized this mere physical device. It’s basically technology and amazing content that spice things up.

Here at Unboxed, our personnel match great technology such as Unboxed Advisor, our sales empowerment platform, to Spoke, our learning platform together with exceptional content to continually lure the sales representatives and clients.

There are lots of benefits for using tablets for your presentations, these are just some of the few benefits, if you’re not using them to your advantage, it’s time you start using them in your business.

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