Sales Reps – How To Add Value To Your Customers

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Sales Reps – How To Add Value To Your Customers

I you want to know the secret behind closing more deals, it’s definitely adding more value to your prospects. Before anyone pulls their credit card, they have to understand the value of the product and services you offer; also you need to start offering this value right from your sales conversation with them. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best product or whether it can solve the problem your prospects is facing, you’ll definitely have a hard time getting people’s attention.

We’re now living in a busy world and getting a minute from prospects is harder than ever. You need to offer a lot of value in the sense that you’ll earn their trust fast and they can add you to their priority list and listen to what you have to say. In this article we’ll share great and powerful ways you can add value to every sales conversation with your customers.

How To Add Value In Every Sales Conversation

Listen and Act Accordingly

You might have predicted and prepared the value to offer to the prospect, that’s a wrong approach. You can’t provide value in your sales conversation without knowing what they want, and the only way to figure that out is by listening to your prospects. First conversation is everything, though it’s not always easy to close on the first call or meeting, but you have to earn their trust so that you can get more of their time. By listening to them you can learn a lot about them and can come up with possible ways to help them.

Show Them What They Need

Sometimes prospects can demand something that is not the solution to their problem, you need to do some analysis and explain to them what they need without actually pushing your products. Try to bring cases studies on how you’ve helped clients achieved good results fast using your advice and this way they’ll understand even their competitors are using your advice and therefore they’ll jump in for whatever you recommend, they’ll  consider you’ve help them, this way you added some value to the conversation without much effort from your side.

Share Helpful Resources

This is another great way to add value in every sales conversation. When you explain to prospects about a solution to their problem, you should reference some resources where they can get helpful information or you can share a free eBook with lots of valuable content. Share a resource that will teach them more skills to run their business successfully, you’ll earn their trust and you don’t need to push them to the wall in order to close the sale. You should understand that the resources you’ll be sharing with prospect shouldn’t be your product or part of, it just need to be information that doesn’t cost you anything.

Contribute Towards The Progress Of Their Goal

Most businesses have ambitions and when the conversation goes well you’ll discover that. Once you find out about their vision, you can explain to them how your product can help them achieve their goals fast. Explain to prospects the benefits of implementing the solutions you have in the future and how it will make them closer to their goals.

Help Them Save Money

Yes, you don’t need to offer some kind of tool; you can help prospects save money by sharing valuable information. All businesses are looking for ways to save money or make more money. When you show them how to save money you’ve rescued them and even better to help them learn how to make more money. During the sales conversation you need to figure out how you can help prospects save some money and that will be considered a great value to the customer.

Access Information Instantly

You should provide all the information they need at their fingerprint. Any product info they’re looking for should be available instantly and the best way to do this is by using effective sales management software, a digital catalog that’ll organize your products and any information required is available such as pricing, product type, shipping date, color and any detail that’s relevant.

These are some of the few ways anyone can add value to all the sales conversations you made and we hope these few tips are helpful to you.

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