The Advantages of Working Independently

This is basically you, working for no one. You are seen as an experienced sales representative and even a consultant and you are offered a contract to sell a product. Here, you are your own boss and you don’t have to wear the goofy T-shirt of any employee – you wear what you want. 

Sales representatives could either be working for a company or for different companies. The latter ones are the independent ones. They don’t have the umbilical cord of employment tying them to any employer and they get to distribute any product they like without restriction. 

There are some advantages to working independently as a sales representative. They are given below.

No Restriction on Income

Since the sales representative can sell any product, he can choose between several products offered by different companies and see which is most profitable. However, when working for a company, the product may not be really profitable and the commission might be low. There might even be no commission and at the end of the month, some already arranged to salary could be paid.

Freedom of Choice

As an independent retailer, there is freedom of choice on any product. As a seller, you should only sell products you have total believe and confidence in. However, if you work for a company, you might be made to sell products that you doubt the efficacy and how beneficial it can be to customers. But as an independent seller, you get to choose the products you sell. With this freedom, your potential is fully utilized in selling that product you believe in.

Time Flexibility

This is a major factor. We all need our free time to do the things we love. We don’t want to be at work when we could be with our loved ones. As an independent sales representative, you are not working for a company where you have to be at work every working day of the week, you get to telecommute and make sales calls from the convenience of your home. You can even make your sales pitch at golf courses, tennis courts, and very informal places. 

You can combine other jobs

You can be a salesperson and still be a writer. You can be any other thing you want to be as long as you are independent and you know how to reach your clients. You may only spend 5 hours on sales a day and you are closing on a lot of sales. Being a sales person requires some strategic planning. You must be able to know your market. It is advisable to develop a network you can always get your products across to. if you employ sustainable sales tactics, you can easily make sales as you would have a special place with every of your customer. Sustainable tactics include: offering installation and after sales services for free; calling to check up about the product; sending the customer cards and subtle reminders and alerts of new products.