The Top IPad Cases Sales Reps Need To Choose From

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The Top IPad Cases Sales Reps Need To Choose From

For most sales reps IPad is their right hand man and if you’re using digital catalogs, IPad is the best mobile device you can showcase your products, you can take orders, write emails and a lot of more tasks. It’s not really comfortable to hold an IPad without a case or cover especially when you’ll be holding it throughout the day.

As a sales rep you should always be looking forward to simplifying your tasks, whether it’s simplifying the sales process or making it easier to carry your gadgets. That’s why in this article we decided to share some of the best IPad cases that are easier to hold when showcasing products to prospects.

Best IPad Cases Every Sales Rep Need

The Bear Motion Leather Shoulder Bag Case

This is one of the best cases you can choose for your iPad, it doubles as a briefcase. It comes with a lot of pockets that allow you to insert other gadgets you’re carrying around like charger, notepad, phone, pack of chewing gum, business cards and some papers that are important for you. It also comes out with fold out stand so that you can hold it comfortably when showing products to clients or when taking orders.

The Hi Mobiler portable rotating leather stand

This is another slim case that comes with a stand; Hi-Mobiler has a durable casing that can protect your IPad at all cost. The sturdy stand can be swiveled at 360 degree allowing you to bend your device in any position. If you’re showing a lot of products to a client you don’t need to worry because the case will hold the IPad when you snap away. This case also prevents strain on your hand especially when you’re holding the device for a long time. This IPad case is available in IPad, 1 2 3 and 4 and also iPad mini.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

This case is designed for sales reps that are constantly writing or preparing documents. Belkin QODE will save you from typing on your IPad touch screen because it allows you to type on a quality keyboard that’s better than touch screen. This case is multi functional by design, it’s made of aluminum and is very slim, it’s light weight also. The keyboard it comes with can be connected via Bluetooth; it’s very sturdy allowing the user to work comfortably.

But on the other hand it needs to be recharged, but it can last for at least 2-3 days for every single recharge, so you’re assured you won’t be stuck on charging the battery all the time. The keyboard can be used comfortably since the case can be folded to provide magnetic stand for the screen, which means in a similar way you can enjoy your IPad just like when you’re using a laptop. If you don’t want to use the keyboard the fold can always snap back.

Moko Durable Hybrid Case

If you don’t want to mix your IPad with other accessories such as chargers, pens and gum wrappers, water bottles and more, this case is for you. It helps you avoid tossing your IPad with accessories that could scratch your screen. This case comes with different layers, included is a hard shell that’s made from polycarbonate in order to keep your device secure. It also has silicone outer layer that’s capable of stretching around the hard shell in order to provide shock resistance.

It comes with a screen guard that will protect the screen from dust, scratches, and also rain, the fordable kickstand give hands free option. This just one of the safest cases you can use on your iPad, it offers not only protection it also makes you look professional, it doesn’t even look like a case, it’s more of another gadget that’s attached to your iPad. Moko Durable Hybrid Case Comes with different colors and is available for IPad 2 3 4 and IPad mini.

These are some of the best IPad cases that made to our list, as a sales rep you need to protect your devices and using durable cases is one of the surest ways you can protect your device from damage. We hope you find the article helpful and let us know if you have better options in the comments.

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