Back up tools – The Most Important Tech Investment For sales Reps

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Back up tools – The Most Important Tech Investment For sales Reps

Data backup is a must these days because our electronic devices aren’t dependable at all cost, you can suddenly face system crash, your device might get damaged or even get stolen and all your data is gone. But when you have a backup system in place you don’t need to worry about lost or damaged devices, because you’ve already backup all data on cloud or on any external source.

As a sales rep you’ve already stored a lot of information about customers, these include contact address, phone numbers and financial information, when you lose your device without having a backup all these data will be gone, and in this situation losing your device means losing your customers. Starting from scratch to look for the lost data is daunting and tedious process, you don’t want to go through all that, you have to ensure your data is stored on a safe platform. In this article we’ll share some of the best methods you can backup your data and we’ll also share resources and websites that will help you get started.

Different Ways To Back Up Your Data

Cloud Backup

The buzz surrounding Cloud computing is for real; It is an effective storage method when compared to what people do use generally, software solutions like Ottomatik, MySQL backup are user-friendly as well as convenient. The automated backup feature makes sure that no errors occur while storing important files. And one of great thing about cloud storage is that it is relatively cheap and doesn’t require you to buy some fancy expensive hardware with an IT support team. Your data is just one click away as long as you have access to an internet connection.

DAS or Directly-attached storage

These devices have direct connections to your computer, some of these devices are commonly known as USBs or external hard drives. A major advantage of DAS devices is that you can backup a significant amount of data within a short time and the access to your data is also very easy as long as you have the device with you. They also don’t cost much; with a few dollars you can buy enough space for your data backup using external hard drives.

You should though understand that the process can be inefficient when you have to transfer data from one computer system to another, some PC’s might just reject your external device of there is the potential of transferring malicious files from one computer to another, for safety purposes you should only use for your own personal use and avoid sharing the your external drive on multiple PCs to avoid virus.

Storage Protected from disasters

As a sales rep, you might know that one should never store data at only one place. What we are trying to show you is that along with availing cloud storage facility, it is better to keep additional copies. Yet this doesn’t eliminate your problems as your hardware is always prone to fires or floods or any other natural calamity for that matter.

The Top Backup Tools You Need To Use As A Sales Rep


It is one of the most popular platforms for those interested in using cloud storage. It comes at $9.99 per month which gives you access to 1TB of data storage. You can access your data any time regardless of your location, you can set the option to automatically synch all your data on your Dropbox account.


  • One of the most convenient methods you can use with less risk of data lost.
  • Easy Access.
  • You don’t need external drive.
  • Sophisticated file sharing.
  • Can also handle huge files storage.


  • No personal ownership of the data stored on the Cloud
  • The access is dependent upon the internet connection

External Hard Drive

As for this option, you have a lot of devices to choose from and you can always expand your device storage capacity.


  • You have more control on stored data.
  • Access to your data whenever you need it.
  • No monthly fees.


  • You still need extra backup because even your external storage can damage or become corrupt.
  • Always susceptible to theft and damage.

As a sales rep you should always find a convenient storage that work best for you, and you should use multiple storage methods. Always store on the cloud because it will be useful when you’re not with your external storage devices and the need for data can arise at any moment.

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