What’s B2B Sales And Skills You Need To Succeed In B2B Sales

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What’s B2B Sales And Skills You Need To Succeed In B2B Sales

What Is B2B Sales?

B2B (Business To Business) is all about selling your products or services to another Business, B2B don’t sell products or services to end consumers. It’s a tough field because you’re selling products and services to business owners who’ve been in a business for a while and have a lot of experience in the field, as a wholesaler or sales rep you need selling skills and you have to come up with unique advantages that no one offers if you really want to succeed at B2B sales.

In this article we’ll share some of the skills you need if you want to succeed at B2B sales.

Skills You Need In Order To Succeed At B2B Sales

Communication And Selling Skills

Almost every aspect of our lives involve selling, it doesn’t matter whether a transaction is involved or not, as long you’re trying to persuade somebody into something, then you’re selling yourself. Selling and communication go together because you can’t sell without good communication skills, if you want to succeed as a salesperson the first set of skills you need to have are selling and communication skills. It’s not easy from the beginning to horn your communication skills right away, you need to practice a lot, because as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’.

Negotiation skills

This is another quality you must possess if you want to succeed as a salesperson. Selling products and service to b2b sales is different from selling to final consumers. Businesses always want to get the best deal and if you don’t know how to negotiate and persuade you’ll hardly reach great heights as a sales rep. In order to master negotiations you need to read a lot of books, learn as much as you can from industry experts and then implement the best practices you’ve learned.

You should be ready to make mistakes; no matter how hard you’ve studied, when it comes to applying the knowledge in real world, you’ll realize things aren’t the same in books. People are different; you need to learn the strategies that work on different people, don’t allow mistakes to discourage you, your mistakes will guide you though out your journey and they’ll take you to next level.

Another way to improve your negotiation skills is by finding a mentor or coach. The best way to learn is from a mentor or a coach, these are people that have gone a lot in the business and can really help you avoid a lot of mistakes, before you even begin your journey as a sales rep, it’s a good idea to work with a mentor, it doesn’t matter even if the pay is low. I’ve come across a lot of people who’re willing to work for free in order gain experience from a mentor, it’s definitely worth it to work with an experienced expert in your industry even if it means working for free.

Listening Skills

This is another important skill you don’t want to ignore as a sales rep. there is the saying “you close the deal with your ears not your mouth”. A lot of people might think they have listening skills but they’re not, listening doesn’t mean staying quiet throughout the conversation with a client. It means allowing the prospect to talk more so that you’ll be able to discover their problems so that you can only talk when necessary like when asking questions or when you’ve figured out a solution to their problem based on your conversation you had with them. Selling isn’t just about telling products benefits and features, you should understand prospect’s problem and then offer solutions even if your product doesn’t offer the solution to the problem.

Time Management Skills

Time is an important factor that separates great sales reps from low performing sales reps. Even if you’re a good sales person, if you don’t know how to manage your time, you’ll end up becoming less productive, that’s spending a lot of time on the field but closing fewer deals. In order to manage your time effectively as a sales rep you need time management tools that will help you accomplish more tasks in less time, these tools will help you stay organized by eliminating time wasters.

These are some of the important skills every sales person needs to master if they really want to succeed at B2B sales. It’s going to be challenging from the beginning but as you practice you become good at it.

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