Benefits Of Order Taking App For Wholesalers And Retailers

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Benefits Of Order Taking App For Wholesalers And Retailers

Wholesalers and retailer are still investing a lot of money in their back office operations to process orders manually. By spending more money on areas of your business that can be automated, you’re losing money that can be used to improve other aspects of the business. If you want an effective way of processing orders from customers you need to have order taking apps, the benefit isn’t only for your business; it’s also for your customers.

Order taking apps provide the best user experience to customers than any form of manual order taking. They’re more convenient to use since they can be installed on any mobile device such as Smartphone or Tablets. You can provide customer information, design a digital catalog that displays products in order, and above all it’s a time saver to your field sales reps.

If you’re still not convinced on how order taking apps can help you, let’s share some of the top way they can help grow your business.

They Provide Excellent Customer Service

Order taking apps don’t only help speed up taking orders, you’ll also be able to present a digital catalog to customers where they can search for any product specifications they’re looking for. They can search product by name or they can view products from one single category. They can also view the number of stocks that are available in store without the need to contact sales rep or make a call, and this is because order taking apps can be hosted on servers allowing your customers to view any updated information they want.

Marketing And Communication Opportunities

With an effective order taking app you can communicate with your prospects efficiently by displaying special offers and discounts that can be personalized for each customer. You can connect every marketing material you have such as videos, images, promo banners, social media feeds and a lot of things that will automate your marketing efforts.


No need to push your customers to the wall before they make a purchase, and customers have the option to choose from your product catalog with ease. They’ll be presented with a variety of options that makes it easier for them to make a choice; they can order your products and services from the comfort of their home effortlessly.

Storing Sales Information

If your prospects haven’t order your products you can still save their selection on the cloud, everything can be stored until order is finalized. You can view their preferred products; you can view products they’ve visited, shipping dates and any important information that’s involved. All this info can be stored and accessed at any point in time; this will help your sales reps close more deals since they’re able to view customer preference.

Effective Time Management

Order taking apps don’t only save time when it comes to processing orders; they also help speed up the shipping process. When a customer places an order, it will be received instantly to shipping department to prepare the order for shipping. No need for sales reps to get back to office in order to submit all orders processed for the day.

Save Money

Order taking apps can save you money in a number of ways, if you’re dealing with traditional order taking using papers, you’ll need more and more space in order save those documents. With order taking apps you don’t require physical space; everything is stored on the cloud and can be accessed by multiple people at any given time. Cloud storage doesn’t cost much, for small business they can even start hosting their documents for free, not reliable though, always go for paid service.

Quick update and editing orders is another way you can save money with order taking apps. With the traditional order taking, a minor mistake will require another reprint and has to be redistributed to all concerned parties. Order taking apps make it seamlessly easier to edit any text or sales info and will instantly update all databases that are connected.

Easy Decision Making

Customers want to be presented with lots of options, and the only way to offer these options is by getting rid of paper method and embracing digital catalogs. It’s easier for prospects to compare between products and pricing from digital catalog.

Order taking apps in generate will help speed up the entire sales process and that gives your sales reps extra time to reach more prospects. If you’re still not using order taking apps in your business it’s time to give them a try.

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