Why Order Entry System Is A Must For Sales Reps

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Why Order Entry System Is A Must For Sales Reps

Have you ever asked your sales reps the time it takes to write and submit order manually? You’ll be surprised to find that a lot of time is spent, which could be used to close more sales and that means more profit for your business.

If you don’t have an effective tool in place to take care of your orders you’re losing a lot of potential for your business, Manual writing of order doesn’t only cost your business a lot, and it’s also a daunting and frustrating task for sales reps. Taking orders with the traditional way can cripple your best performing sales reps, they’ll lose the opportunity to value customers and your business.

Order entry systems not only save your business a lot of time they also empower your sales team to perform better, you need the best order entry system in place if you want your team to perform to their optimum level.

What’s An Order Entry System?

Basically it’s any tool, technology or platform that can be used to track orders, shipments and inventory level. It’s a digitalized platform that can be synced with ERP to help sales reps input customer order effectively when they close a sale.

Any order entry system should come with a user friendly interface that allows sales reps to record orders in a few minutes. Your order entry system should be powered by consumer devices such as tablets and Smartphones, and should also be mobile so that you can have access whenever the need arise.

They come with major digital catalogs that allow you to input any product and customer information like sales history, specific pricing for each customer and important notes that help close a sale.

Why Do You Need Order Entry System?

Embracing new technology always have positive impact on your business, order entry system comes with a lot of advantages and no business should ignore using a effective order entry system to manage their business effectively.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have order entry system for your business;

Help Sales Reps Become More Effective

With order entry system your sales reps will have more time to talk with customers effectively than when they’re doing things manually. There won’t be double entry and this will lead to more up-sells for your product, a modern order entry system will help your sales team work smarter and faster than when using tradition order system.

Customers Will Have Better Experience

These days nobody has the time to review printed presentations for any given product. Customers are looking for visuals that showcase products, order entry system will list down product and services in an organized manner with price listed for each given product and they can order smoothly without any hassle.

Drive Revenue Faster And Reduce Your Costs

Having a simple order entry system in place will help customers place order fast and that means more sales for your business. With order entry system the customer will be guided through automated system to show them how to complete order with a few steps.

Track Your Order

As a sales manager you can always track your orders in real time without the need to wait for you field sales team to send back print reports to your office. You can know where the order was made and the time for delivery, also looking at order history you use that info to answer questions from new customers without any intensive research.

Time Saving

Everything is included in any effective order entry system, all questions can answered such as pricing, inventory in stock and delivery time, you don’t need spend a lot of time talking to prospects regarding any product.

Online Orders

Order entry system allows you to accept orders online, making it easier for prospects to order your products and services from any location. No need to spend time calling prospects to confirm payment details and products they want to order, everything is set for them for placing orders easily within few minutes and delivery can be handled much faster.

There are a lot of benefits for using order entry system, you just need to speak to your reps and see the challenges they’re facing on the field regarding order management, so that you can equip them with best tools that are available in the market to help them perform better for your company.

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