Best Sales Advice From A Great Sales Leader

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Best Sales Advice From A Great Sales Leader

One habit you need to adopt as a salesperson is getting advice from world leaders in your industry. You need to have a mentor that can guide you in your sales journey, if you don’t have any, you should always seek for advice through books, blogs, social media and more promotional channels available out there.

Advice from experts in your industry will help you avoid a lot of mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and fruitful years of your life. Sales experts haven’t achieved success overnight, it took decades before they finally come up with proven strategies that really work, wouldn’t you rather learn from these experts than to keep testing and spending resources searching for ideas that might work! Well, they said experience is the best teacher, but you can increase your knowledge a lot and will save yourself years of trial and error if you take advice from sales experts around the world.

So in this article we share sales advice from world sales leader who’ve achieved massive success in the field, these advices will definitely help any sales rep to increase their overall performance whether it’s on the field on in the office.

Ziz Ziglar; “Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hour days”

This is the most important piece of advice you need as a salesperson, not only in sales, every business in general should live by this principle. No doubt time is the most valuable asset you have, we all have 24 hours and how we spend that time will determine our success in everything. Heading in the wrong direction will lead to waste of time, because when you’re doing things wrong you’ll have to do them again the right way, which means more time need to be invested in order to fix the wrong things you’ve done.

As a sales rep you shouldn’t waste time on the wrong sales process, you have to do all you can to save every second you can when it comes to your sales processes. Here are some strategies to implement in order to save yourself a great deal of time;

  • No more wasting time on sporadic hiring process or ending up hiring the wrong salespeople in your team. You should come up with standard and targeted hiring strategy, every product requires a unique selling strategy and you need to find sales reps that specialize in that aspect.
  • Build effective sales process; don’t allow your sales team to go out there randomly speaking with prospects, you need to come up with a data driven sales process that will qualify your prospects and how many times they need to speak to prospects and a lot of other things that will define the sales process in order to make it easier for sales reps to sell the product easily. You should also be able to track your sales process because only then you’ll be able to improve it, your sales process should also be short and straight forward, and a long sales process will lead to time consumption and that means your sales team won’t have enough time to engage with other prospects. So make it short and sweet in a way that your sales reps can accomplish more tasks every day.
  • Automate your sales process; this is another important aspect that will save you lots of time as a sales rep. you have to adopt a strategy that allow you to automate most of the tasks done in the field. Doing manual tasks consume a lot of time, such as writing on a piece of paper or taking order manually. With the right tools these tasks can be automated. Using sales tools will help greatly in terms of saving time and resources. Instead of printing your product brochure on paper you should adopt digital catalog because it provide the best user experience to your customers and also your products will be easier to navigate. Orders also shouldn’t be taken manually; you need to set up order management apps that will help expedite the process.

Time is more important than any resource in your business, you need to do all you can in order to get the most out of it and that’s why in this article we focused on it to show sales reps how they can utilize it properly.

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