Top Lessons Every Sales Reps Need To Learn From The World Of Sport

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Top Lessons Every Sales Reps Need To Learn From The World Of Sport

Sales and sport share a lot of similarities, they’re both competitive fields and that’s why it’s always tough to win in these areas. Imagine the competition you’re facing as a sales rep, it’s huge, even though you find only yourself talking to the prospect, hundreds of sales reps have already talked to them and chances are they’re already talked about every benefit you’re discussing with your prospect.

Both sales and sport require parallel team work in order to succeed, as a sales manager if your sales team aren’t cooperating together it’s hard for you to manage them, and if you can’t manage them, neither you or them will succeed. Without any further delay let’s share some important lessons you need to grab from the world sports, as a sales rep or a sales manager they’ll help you in your career in long run.

Sales Lessons You Should Learn From Sport

Mental focus and toughness

Not only in sales, if you want to be great and achieve exceptional results, you have to develop mental focus and toughness. This is one of your major drives when it comes to succeeding as a salesperson, you shouldn’t be scared after a few rejections, you should always focus on the end goal. All successful sport champions have mental focus character and that’s why they always lead the game. Don’t be discouraged after a few failed attempts, it’s easier to give up in sales due to rejections, but you should always gear up knowing that you’re climbing towards your goals.

Self discipline and exercise

Every now and then is not enough, when it comes to sport you must show up every day on a consistent basis, consistency is a trait of all winners. As a sales rep you have to design a routine which you’ll follow every single day. Wake up as early as possible, don’t pass 6AM, start your workout routine immediately after waking up. Exercising on a regular basis will help you get all the energy you need when you’re out on the field, and will help you build some mental toughness within you that will help overcome most of the challenges you’ll face as a sales rep.

Prepare and train

Every great athlete never stops training and learning, training of course is part of learning, and as the saying goes “if you’re not learning you’re not growing” and another quote says “if you’re not growing you’re dying”, and still another famous quote from warren buffet that says “the more you learn the your earn”, let’s just say the more you learn the more you grow, nothing is as important as improving your knowledge as a human.

As a sales rep you should always train and prepare for your sales meetings, grab as much learning resources as you can and dedicate at least an hour every day reading books, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, attending live seminars and more, and before you know it, you’ll become famous in your industry. Remember that all those who’ve achieved great things aren’t born with supernatural skills, they’ve put in the hours to learn and train themselves in the field they want to succeed, and so should you do as a sales rep and one day the world will know about you.

Learn from failure

Michael Jordan attributed his success to the failures he’s gone through, he said he has failed over and over again and that’s why I succeed. He’s the greatest basket ball player of all time but has failed countless times, because he learned from his failures and never gives up, he earned his recognition from the world. Sales is something that can’t be mastered from reading books alone, you have to practice a lot and take lessons from your failures in order to become a stronger version of yourself. As a sales rep you should remember that every failure is a step towards reaching your goals.

There are lots of lessons for sales reps from the world of sport, so many of them that can’t be shared in one single article. A few more research online will help you discover them, consistency is the key to achieving massive success in your sales journey, don’t stop at setbacks, always be determined to move in the direction of your goals and sooner or later you’ll become exceptionally good in your industry.

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