Best Sales Apps You Need To Succeed As A Sales Rep

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Best Sales Apps You Need To Succeed As A Sales Rep

If you want to increase your sales or want to reach your target and goals you have to make the sales process easier. Using the best apps in the market will help you accomplish a lot in less time and any sales reps can use these tools and apps to their advantage both on the field and at the office.

The days of sales reps carrying clip board, pen, paper and bulky bag are gone, and every sales team needs to embrace new technology that will ease their daily jobs. If you’re a sales manager it’s your responsibility to offer the best tools and apps to your sales reps so that they can maximize their sales and ensure they enjoy doing their tasks smoothly.

The sales apps you chose for your team is one of the best investments you’ll make for your business, care must be taken to provide only useful tools, not the ones that cause distraction for your sales team. As a sales manager you need to figure out the best tools needed by your sales reps and the type of tasks they want to execute.

Let’s take a look at the various tools every sales rep need to have at their disposal in order to do the job effectively;

Sales Apps Your Team Needs To Succeed

Presentation Software

Your sales process starts with a presentation, you need the right app that will showcase your product benefits with visuals such as images and videos, and you need to showcase your product in action. Some still use old school methods to present the value of their products, it has a downside because it will chase away some of your clients.

When you’re using outdated sales process they’ll consider you as ineffective to do business with. The presentation apps available can be installed in all your mobile devices, you can access them anytime you want, and the best part is they don’t cost a fortune, everyone can afford to buy these apps for their sales team.

Marketing Automation

There are endless prospects out there and are a lot of companies are trying to reach them as fast as they can. Marketing automation will help you reach out more prospects in less time and you can sort out buyers with more buying power so that you can focus your sales process on them for better results.

Following up with leads isn’t easy and there need to be a software in place that will simplify the process. Among the most important marketing automation software you need is email marketing software, it will help you send messages to all your prospects at once rather than sending manually. You can track the activities of your leads, such as who open your emails and who click on your links.  Email marketing software is a must have for any sales rep.

Order Management Software

you’ve done all the hard work required to close the sale, what remain now is processing payment from clients, doing it manually also will take a lot of time preventing you to reach other leads in time. You’re not only looking for a tool that process payment, you should also have ecommerce and digital catalog that allow customers to order right away using their smart phone.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Sales reps spend a lot time planning and scheduling meetings with clients every week, one stat shows that the average sales rep spends up to five hours every week scheduling meetings with clients. When you look at the time spent every year, that’s a lot of time that could be used to reach out more clients. Using schedule software to automate your meetings will save you a lot of time in the long run. Choose an app you’re convenient to work with and your life will be easier.

Social Media

If you want to reach out to more clients you should stick to social media. Social media will help you generate leads than any other marketing channel, but can’t be done efficiently without using the right tools. Whether you’re going to invest in paid advertisement or want to engage with prospects through your pages you need social media marketing tools to promote your services.

Call Apps

You’ll have to stay in touch with your prospects every now and then, you can’t schedule appointments all the time, as a sales rep you’ll be making calls often and you need an app or a tool to do that. With call apps or software you can track your calls and can save a lot money for making phone calls with clients.

These are some of the important applications every sales team needs to have if they want to succeed. There are many apps out there to choose from and don’t hesitate to invest in any tool that will increase the effectiveness of your sales team.

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