Best Streaming Devices For Sales Reps

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Best Streaming Devices For Sales Reps

Sometimes life can be boring for sales reps while travelling, there is a need to find a way to entertain and refresh yourself, using streaming services you can watch your favourite shows from anywhere with internet connection. Though we suggest listening to learning materials such as podcasts or audio books to improve your knowledge, if you however still find it boring we suggest using streaming devices and we’ll share the top ones in this article.

Using Streaming Devices

Before I start talking on streaming devices, let me ask you this question; what are your thoughts about the satellite Television providers or the cable operator you have today? Recent consumer surveys have shown that TV operators are one of the top most disliked companies in the US. Why is that so?

Well, anyone who has the typical experience with sky-high prices and poor customer service will be able to relate what we are trying to convey. The main benefit of these type of streaming services is that they provide similar services but at a very low rate. All that you need to do is simply pay for the devices and then pay a nominal monthly fee, which for most services is less than $10.

Even movie production giant HBO has announced that it is going to launch a similar service that will not at all require the consumer to opt for a satellite or cable TV subscription, this implies that in the future, creators are going to sell what they create directly to the consumers using these channels. These types of services enable you to have a personalized experience. The main benefit is that you are only paying for what you watch, unlike unnecessarily paying for something that you are not even remotely interested in.

With lots of streaming devices out there it’s difficult to choose the right one for your business and that’s why in this article we decided to compile a list of top 3 streaming devices that will give you the freedom to watch your favourite TV shows. So here we present the best of all the streaming services that are available,


Best Streaming Services

Apple TV

Apple TV is really easy to use, Apple TV is the one device which I happen to have at my house and from my experience, Apple TV is really the simplest to use. You get exclusive access to a majority of the streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. The price might be somewhat expensive to some people out there but the service is great, it comes with a lot of features, you already know the quality that comes with apple products, and this one isn’t an exception when it comes to providing promising features.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast perhaps is one of the possibly highest affordable ones on this list, almost anyone can afford their services especially business owners, with just $35 you’re able to explore a lot of features from Google Chromecast. Versatility is another major advantage it comes with, in comparison to its rival, Apple TV, Chromecast will work with any of your digital devices, so in case you happen to have some friends and members of your family that have Smartphones or tablets, they all can make the use of the service. This one also includes several of the standardized streaming services, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick does not have any monthly fees, you only need to make payment for the device and you are set to enjoy your new watching experience. This is for anyone that doesn’t want to pay costly membership fees on the run, just pay once for the device and enjoy lifetime service with your friends and family. Amazon Fire Stick works by simply plugging it into your HDMI TV using the USB port; it also connects via Wi-Fi, or by using the Bluetooth remote. That’s to say it’s simple to use, you don’t need follow a lengthy process like other streaming devices out there.

When you plug your Fire Stick in, you will be guided through the setup process which included a process sign-in into your Amazon account and with Fire TV Stick you can easily access Amazon Prime. You can watch your favourite TV shows from Prime Video, other video apps, and services on your Amazon Fire TV with ease.

That’s it, these are the top three streaming devices for you to choose from, you can always watch video reviews on YouTube to see live review how each of these gadgets and services function so that you can see if they have the set of features you’re looking for in streaming devices.

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