How To Develop, Motivate & Build A Strong Sales Team

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How Do You Develop, Motivate, Train & Build A Diverse and Geographically Separate Sales Team?

Building a sales team has never been easy, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Most businesses use independent sales reps from the beginning but you’ll reach a level where you’ll have to build your own internal sales team where you have full control. When your business grows to a certain level you’ll have to build a competent and effective sales team that will market your products efficiently to customers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the important steps you need to follow if you want to hire and manage effective sales teams for your company or business.

When Do You Need To Build A Sales Team?

This is the first question you should ask yourself; is your business ready to build a sales team?

From the beginning you don’t necessarily need to build an internal sales team, hiring independent sales reps is much better; it will reduce the burden of business management. But you’ll reach a stage where you definitely have to build your own team that is well versed with your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some signs that show your business needs a sales team;

  • Your Product Has Proved Itself In The Marketplace

Once your product has reached large audience and has proven its quality in the marketplace and has earned excellent feedback from customers, it’s time to expand your outreach and for that you need to build a sales team for your business.

  • You’re Losing Prospects A Lot

You might have a great sales pipeline but it seems you’re not closing enough deals due to lack of time to follow-up with prospects. This means you’re getting leads more than your team can handle, it means you need a helping hand and building your own sales team is the best way to deal with it.

  • You Have Enough Revenue To Pay And Manage A Sales Team

No one is going to work for you for free! You need to pay your sales team enough before they put their effort into improving your business. Once your business generates enough revenue that can provide an attractive salary to your sales team you need to jump in right away because they’ll increase the revenue of your business. 

The success of any business will largely depend on the number of sales they can generate, so don’t hesitate to invest in building a powerful sales team for your business.

These are the major signs that show your business desperately needs a sales team on the run.

How Do You Build An Effective Sales Team That Will Improve Your Business?

  • Figure Out The Type Of Team You Need

Are you looking for a field sales team or inside sales team? How many people do you want to add in your sales team to reach your sales target? Are you looking for experienced employees or do you want to train them? These are some of the questions you must be clear with before you begin the process of hiring your sales team members.

  • Design Hiring Process

Sales are an important aspect of every business and you have to design a process that enables you to hire the best candidates for the job, if your sales team isn’t generating revenue for your business, they’re costing you money on the other side. 

You should hire a recruiting firm to handle the screening of your sales employees. Obviously, since you’ve never hired before you don’t have much experience in the field.

  • Compensation Plan Should Be Good

Nobody will be motivated to work in a firm or company that doesn’t offer a fair compensation rate to its employees. If you want your sales team to give all their energy promoting your product or firm you need to compensate them really well, offer attractive incentives based on performance. 

  • Outline A Plan That Will Motivate Them

No matter how qualified your employees are, you need to come up with a series of actions that will keep them motivated, there is no general rule when it comes motivation since your team members are different.

Offering attractive bonuses as we’ve mentioned earlier is one of the ways to motivate them, the key is to study each member of the team and figure out what will work for them.

  • Provide Your Sales Team With All The Tools They Need To Succeed

This could be sales script, communication devices, software and apps they need to track all activities, provide anything you believe will improve their skills and productivity.

You might need a consultation on the type of tools needed by sales reps, review how they’ll interact with customers and provide all that is needed to perform the tasks effectively.

Hiring and managing a sales team isn’t easy; we’ve just shared some light on how to get started. Sometimes you’ll end up hiring the wrong person and as time goes on you’ll develop your own hiring process for the effectiveness of your business. Chances are from the beginning you might not do things right but as time goes on you’ll be able to identify the right candidate for your business in a matter of minutes.

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