What Is A Sales Rep?

An Independent Sales Rep is an independent contractor paid a commission to be the representative for your product line. Independent reps serve as a company’s outside sales, marketing, and customer service.

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What Are The Most Important Steps You Need To Follow Before Hiring An Independent Sales Rep?

Most of the times new startups are on a limited budget, they can’t afford to hire and manage sales team onsite, the best option is to hire independent sales reps that will promote their brand without breaking the bank.

Most of these independent sales reps work on a commission basis, you’ll pay only for sale generated. They’ll charge more when compared to building up your own sales team within your company.

Independent sales reps already have their own company equipped with all the tools they need and have their own employees they manage, working with independent sales reps will allow you to focus more on your business and services rather splitting your attention into the marketing aspects. Any wise marketer knows that it’s better to focus on improving their product from the beginning and let someone take care of the whole marketing task.

Let’s take a look at how you can hire independent sales reps that will promote your brand effectively.

Check Their Profile

Your goal is to find a sales rep that will promote your brand the right way and deliver good results. Though most independent sales reps work on a commission basis, you won’t pay a dime unless a sale is generated. However, with the wrong sales team, you’ll waste a lot of time that hasn’t generated any revenue for your business.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Any Independent Sales Rep Before Hiring Them;

Are they successfully selling?

Working with someone who hasn’t achieved any success is going to be a waste of time. Of course, everyone needs to begin somewhere but you want to be careful when it comes to hiring independent sales reps that are new in the game.

Have They Successfully Sold Products Similar To Yours?

There is no salesperson that can sell everything, everyone has their own area of expertise and you need someone that has successfully sold products similar to yours. Just because someone is good at selling hardware doesn’t mean he’ll kill it when it comes to digital products.

Has He Sold Similar Price Range?

Yes, selling $200 product isn’t the same as selling $2000 product; you want to make sure your sales rep can sell products within your price range.

Has He Sold Within Your Market?

Different markets have different requirements, you need to figure out whether your sales rep has served the market you’re targeting or not.

These are some of the important questions you need to check on any sales rep or firm before deciding to work with them.

Let’s move on now to see how you can hire independent sales reps for your business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows aren’t just for networking or finding new customers, you can find independent sale reps on-demand on trade shows. You need to find and visit high traffic shows where independent sales reps showcase their business and services. 

They’re always there since they know businesses are always struggling with sales for their business, you should build a relationship with experienced sales reps you meet at trade shows.

Rep Matching Services Or Database

There are services out there that will help you connect with the right sales reps suitable for your business. Websites like repright.com and rephunter.com will help you find independent sales reps matching your requirements.

Sales reps visit these websites to showcase themselves and how they operate; it’s a good source to begin your search there.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about connecting businesses, and you can find business contacts in almost any service you can think of. First, you can go straight and search for “sales reps” in the search bar or you can join groups to network with sales reps you believe can promote your business.

You can also ask questions in groups on where to find a good sales rep.

Ask For Recommendations From Existing Customers

Most of your customers are also business owners at some point, you can ask them to make recommendations for sales reps. if you’re lucky you’ll find people that have worked successfully with independent sales reps for some time will be happy to share contact details.

Place Your Advert On Online Job Search.

There are a lot of sales reps out there who’re looking for a job and they visit some of the major online job listing websites to see if there is a job offer. Job listings can give you the best sales rep candidate because you’ve already listed down the requirements you need, anyone that applied has already read your rules, so he won’t have a problem working with you.

The few tips shared in this article can help you hire your first independent sales reps successfully for your business, always make sure the person you’re hiring can meet your business needs. As a rule of thumb, don’t rush, always hire slowly. Only then you can study and pick the right candidate suited to promote your business.

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