Cool Techs For Sales Reps – Canary Security Review

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Cool Techs For Sales Reps – Canary Security Review

For outside sales reps life is always on the field and they have to leave behind all their important gadgets at home unguarded. May be you left your family behind but most of the time they’ll have to get out of the house for school, groceries or even work. If you want to have peace of mind you need to install home security system in your home that monitors all your house activities.

We all know that installing a typical home security system is going to cost a lot, you have to pay monthly subscription fees, and there are lengthy contracts and all that. You’ll also need to hire a professional that will install the systems, and every once in a while maintenance costs will pop up. Above all that, these complicated security systems don’t offer much security, all they do is set off alarm when someone is trying to open your front door and that’s why the average Joe doesn’t care about installing security system in their home.

Not anymore, you can now have a simple security system that doesn’t cost a fortune and can be installed in your house without any technicalities. This security system comes with a lot of features that will help you monitor your house with a Smartphone. The security system we’re talking about is none other than Canary Security system. In this article we’ll talk about all the important features they have and why you should install one in your house.

Canary Security Review

This is a small device that can monitor your house when you’re out and it can be controlled using only your Smartphone. This security device doesn’t require any long contract nor has subscription fee (optional if you don’t want to pay full price at once). Canary security is an effective device that doesn’t require wiring in your apartment or need some complex installation process.

Setting up canary security into work is really a simple task, just find a shelf where you can have a good view and then place the device to monitor your home interior, you’ll be able to connect the device to internet so that you can receive real updates on your phone. This is what Canary Security basically does, now we’ll share some of the features it comes with, and pros and cons of using this amazing security device.

Features of Canary Security

  • It comes with 1080p HD camera that provides clear vision of the surrounding, not only that it can detects motion, when unusual activity is detected you’ll receive alert through your phone where you’ve set up the system. It’s not a complex process to synchronize the device with your phone; you can do it all alone without technical assistance from a professional.
  • Night vision; the device can monitor activities even in the dark; this is truly an exceptional feature.
  • Canary Security can detect and record audio.
  • All recordings are stored on cloud, now this is another great feature. As a lot of people are aware of home security systems they try to find the recording devices and get rid of them. But this wireless device is hard to detect and even if someone managed to do that, they’ve already been captured and footage will be sent directly to the cloud for safe storage.
  • History of data points is stored; you don’t need to sit down all day long to watch the video footage, all important data points will be shown to you for monitoring home activities.
  • There is also a loud siren that can be controlled from your phone, when alert is sent to your phone you can take immediate action by calling the police.

Pros Of Canary Security

  • Comes with a straight forward package.
  • It’s easier to install, you won’t require any external help to install the device.
  • Choose convenient pricing, you can pay onetime fee or you can choose a subscription payment plan.
  • Basic features don’t require any contract.
  • AI powered automatic motion detection and alarming system.


  • There are limitations on the free plan.
  • Limited equipment options.
  • Doors and window sensors are absent.
  • Since it’s a small device, its features are limited.

When you look at the benefits that come with this device it’s definitely worth it to give a try. With just a onetime fee of $249, you can monitor your house when you’re out on the field generating sales. You can also pay monthly plans for as low as $4.99/month or more. Anyone can afford to add this security device in their home and so should you.

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