Sales Tools – Top Expense Report Tools And Apps For Sales Reps

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Sales Tools – Top Expense Report Tools And Apps For Sales Reps

As a sales rep you want to get accurate record of your expenses and the number of deals you’ve closed at any given time during your travel, this is the best way to come up with ways to increase your business performance, it will also help you in paying commissions, incentives and bonuses to your sales team. To keep things short here’s why you need expense report tool;

To plan your sales budget; you must control your spending on sales because you don’t want to spend more than your sales team earn for the company, and the best way to track that is by using expense report app or software.

Track your spending in sales campaigns; even though you’ve already plan and allocate a budget to your marketing campaigns you still want to make sure you’re tracking sales spending in real time, it’s something you should monitor every day and you can do that effortlessly using expense report tools.

Tracking sales invoices; you want to also keep your eyes on the total numbers of orders that have been placed within any period of time. You can view invoices generated for all your clients on one interface.

Manage commissions and incentives; expense apps and software will help you as a sales rep or business manager to track commissions and incentives for each of your sales rep, your expense report app is providing data in real time, meaning that you can access the performance of all your sales team.<

These are some of the ways you can benefit from expense report tools, now we’ll move on to share some of the best expense report tools you can choose from as a sales rep.


Expense Report Tools You Need For Your Business


Now there’s no need to keep track of your personal expenses, all you have to do is get these sophisticated tools and all your problems are solved. It becomes extremely necessary for companies to use expense report apps since a lot of companies are placing restrictions upon how much their employees can actually spend using their expense account.

You need to keep a record of all expenses in order to avoid bad reviews from your employer. So here we present you with the best 3 expenses management tools that you can utilize as a sales rep while on the field.

Concur – for Android and iOS


This is an amazing expenses report application that is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. It’s available on both Android as well as IOS. The great advantage of using this app is that it makes your business travel life super easy, all you need to do is take a photo of your bill or a receipt and it will log the expense in your net expenditure. This app has earned a lot of positive reviews from businesses worldwide and that’s why they’re always on top of the market.

Mileage Log only for iOS users


This is another great app that made to the list of our favourite expense report tool, Whether you happen to be a typical sales rep who drives from one meeting to another or you are a field service engineer who visits his workplace every day, this app will track almost all the activities involved in your day to day expenses, Mileage is available on the Apple store for just $9.99, everyone can afford it.

Mileage enables you to track your reimbursements along with setting up custom categories according to your instructions for business trips. In addition to that, you’re also allowed to get your data synced with Dropbox, this means cloud backup for your data.

Expensify for Android and iOS users


This is yet another famous expense report, and can truly stand among the best, you might be wondering about why is so popular? it comes with a lot of features that can hardly be found on another expense report apps. It comes with features like smart categorization, eReceipts and not to mention the Global Currency reports.  They have some of the most notable customers as well like Pinterest, Mashable and Mozilla employees.

We personally believe that these three expense apps will greatly improvise your life when it comes to expense management. Getting them is easy and making use of them even more so, we hope that you greatly benefit from the list and don’t forget to drop your comment in the comments section.

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