Digital And Online Products Catalogs – The Key Advantage To Growing Your Business.

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Digital And Online Products Catalogs – The Key Advantage To Growing Your Business.

Some wholesalers are still doing business the old way by printing their product catalog on paper; imagine how tiresome it is for your sales reps to carry bulky paperwork when meeting with prospects. There is a lot of problem wrong with printing product catalog on paper and any successful wholesaler knows this fact.

Even if you prefer to use printed catalogs it’s still better to incorporate with digital catalogs. Take for instance, you’re visiting trade shows and you’ve ordered your products that haven’t arrived in order to be photographed and then added to the printed paper catalog, in this scenario how do you showcase your products? Another case is that how do you deal with product changes when you’ve already printed hundreds of product on your paper catalog, such as change in pricing or order details?

All these are a problem to wholesalers because it will lead to overspending of your resources, the only answer to your product listings is digital catalogs, they’ll help you list down products with ease, whether they’ve arrived or not. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using digital and online brochures as your interactive sales tools.

Benefits Of Using Digital And Online Brochure

Providing better product data

When printing products on a paper you’re limited to the number of pictures you can use and text space. With digital catalogs you can add a lot of elements that are almost impossible to print on a piece of paper.

Videos can be added and high resolution images that can’t fit on a printed catalog can be showcased on any digital catalog you want to use. You can organize all info in a way that it’s clearly visible to prospects. You can show your product in action and can arrange a series of photos in gallery so that users can scroll using their mobile device with ease and at any time.

Better Shareability

Whether you want to share your updated product list with employees, sales reps or customers, the best way to simplify the task is by having a digital catalog; digital catalogs can be seen by hundreds or thousands of people at once when hosted online.

Digital catalog makes it easier to find any product or information, products can be narrowed by different categories such as price range and product type. If you’re the type that’s looking for referrals from existing customers, you need to create digital catalogs for easy sharing.

Can be accessed anywhere and anytime

There is not restriction to your store or office, when all products are added and are hosted online anyone can access when they need, your customers can view all the information they need from the comfort of their home without interacting with sales reps or calling back office to request for more information.

Reducing Costs

We all know that creating and distributing paper catalogs come with a lot of costs and risks, and whether there is an error or a new update, all printed material are no longer useful. Digital catalog don’t come with such risks, information such as pricing or stock availability can be updated anytime and the changes will reflect automatically to anyone that’s accessing the product catalog. In order to make things easier you only need to assign a staff that will take charge of adding new products to the catalog and updating any information that’s needed.

eCommerce Gateway

Digital catalog allow wholesalers and distributors to run their products on autopilot. When you list products on a digital catalog you can set up payment gateways to process payment from clients on autopilot. This means your customers can find your products and at the same time place order without the need to contact sales rep or physically visit your store.

Ease Of Navigation

If you have hundreds or thousands of products to sell, it can be challenging to explore all the product on a piece of paper, digital catalogs provide easy navigation to customers, products will be categorized in order and this makes it easier for anyone to choose the product they want.

There are lots of benefits for using digital catalogs, it saves time to both the distributor and the buyer, and more importantly it saves a lot of money for your company as a wholesaler, so don’t hesitate to add your products into digital catalogs, even if you’re a firm believer of printed paper, you should as well integrate digital catalogs.

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