Sales Strategies – Best Sales Techniques For B2b Sales Reps

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Sales Strategies – Best Sales Techniques For B2b Sales Reps

What are B2B sales?

Business to business sales which is normally referred to as B2B sales basically targets businesses and companies instead of targeting consumers directly, so it`s a sales between businesses only, not end consumers.

B2B sales changes with time just like any other business out there and there is the need to stay focused on the latest strategies that work, some wholesale businesses are still adopting old strategies that hardly produce any good results in their business. In this article we’ll talk about some sales strategies that can be beneficial to B2B sales reps or business owners in general.

How B2B Sales Are Changing?

In past, B2B sales were much simpler as compared to present times, if a company or business faces a problem or need a product, the business owner will approach the vendor dealing with the product and will take a look at the best and most appropriate options they were offering and the deal gets done.

While looking at the present process of B2B sales, we can clearly see that it`s a lot more than the previous method and the reason behind that is the availability and access to lots of options available.

Here is the list of steps that B2B customers now-a-days follows:

  1. The problem is identified.
  2. They use web to research on it.
  3. Further research is done to get detail of all problems.
  4. They ask people around about the solution of a problem and get recommendations.
  5. They study reviews on that particular problem available online.
  6. Check ads offering solution of their problem.
  7. Make a final decision on the basis of all the available information.
  8. Approach the company to solve the problem and complete the sale.

It`s a big and prominent change!

We can clearly see that the present procedure of making a purchase is much different than the old traditional way. The final decision of the current procedure is based on the rigorous study regarding the problem and its solution online, this has changed the strategies used by B2B sales representatives.

Techniques for B2B sales

  1. You should know company more deliberately before your approach them

Doing complete homework about the prospect before reaching out to them will give you a competitive advantage in pointing out the gains the prospect will receive from your product.

  1. You should keep yourself updated with marketing campaigns and latest news

This will give you idea about the processes they use in their respective strategies and it will help you to better relate your product gains using their procedures.

  1. Read blogs of your prospect

This will give you an idea about the norms, value and culture of the company and also about the things they value most.

  1. Call your customer intelligently

Doing research before calling will help you to point out the benefits of your product as a solution to the problems they are facing.

  1. Give a positive user experience the customer

Two way communications are more effective than one way, and it will enable you to better understand the needs of the prospect as a result of which you can pitch your products better with the right answers.

  1. Don`t bombard your customer with generic emails

Personal emails get more attention of customers and have more chances to convert your leads into paying customers as compared to generic emails.

  1. Be diplomatic

How you communicate your words is more important sometimes than what you say. Diplomacy is considered an art when it comes selling and is defined as letting others want to hear the message you want to convey.

  1. Answer sensitive questions of customers first

You should talk about important and deal breaking questions in the start to save time for both parties.

  1. Share stories of success of your customers

Showing the success of your product from previous customers as an example to your prospects will help you in gaining trust in your product and it also increases the chances of getting sales done.

  1. Show a visual picture of your successful customers by demonstrating case studies

This will provide the prospect with a visual image of the company solving their problem with the use of the products you want to sell to them.

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