Hiring The Best Sales Reps For Your Company

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Hiring The Best Sales Reps For Your Company

Sales reps are the backbone of your business; you must do all you can to ensure you bring in the right sales candidates or soon you’ll be out of business. Hiring sales reps can be easy if you’re not looking for high performers, just place an ad on your company career page or place your ad at online job boards and you’ll receive endless proposals and that’s because everyone thinks they can sell and they believe they’re the best. Some go to the extent of faking their resume in order to convince you they’re the right candidates for the position you’re looking for, whether it’s a sales manager or a sales rep.

On the other hand if you’re looking for high performers, it’s not going to be an easy task, you have to be selective on platforms you post your job listings and you have to design a process that allow you to screen only the best candidates for the position required, it can be time consuming but it’s worth it in the end.

Most sales reps that will apply to your job openings are low performers, that’s why they’re jobless and are eagerly looking for another job, any company that lay their hands on high performing sales reps they hardly let them go, since they’re their money makers. I am not generalizing here, there are still good sales reps that haven’t yet found a good opportunity to prove their skills or their company has go bankrupt and have to look for another job or just other reasons.

Let’s now share some hints that will help you hire the best sales reps for your company.

How To Hire The Best Sales Reps For Your Company

Figure out the type of sales reps you need

You can’t find a sales rep that’s good at selling everything, though they might claim to do so, but things don’t work that way. You should look for sales reps that specialize on promoting products that are available in your wholesale store. This will make things easier when it comes to training since they already have experience in the field and that means they can start closing number immediately after hiring them.

Hire reps with previous work experience

Even if you find reps that are interested in promoting products within your category, you need to make sure they’ve some working experience, this means they know how to deal with customers, if you’re to hire a fresh candidate that has not been in the field you want to make sure to perform a little test on them before hiring them.

Check for proof

Everyone can claim they’ve achieved extraordinary results for companies they’ve worked for in the past, but you can’t just believe anything that’s inside their resume, you need to verify. It can be time consuming but you need to obtain proof for what they’ve accomplished and you have to verify it. You don’t need to do this by yourself, you can hire independent firms to verify all the details presented by your candidate, if they lied about some of the information they provided you already know the type of person they’re and you need to move on.

Test them with your sales process

Chances are your sales process is completely different from what they’re used to working with in the past, before making any deal with a sales rep you should conduct a test with your sales process to ensure they can adapt to it. If possible you can as well send them in the field for a day to see how they can perform, are they able to get some good results the first few days or not. Of course you should clearly explain it will be paid, you just want to view their performance.

Check time they’ve stayed with previous employer

As mentioned earlier any sales rep that’s exceptionally good won’t be left to go easily by their previous employer, if they have short lifespan with their employer it’s probably because they’re not really good. However, you shouldn’t generalize things here, it might be possible their previous employer didn’t meet their demand or there is a just different personality or the company has closed and they decided to leave on their terms. So it’s important to check whether they’re terminated or they left on their terms.

These are some important tips to checkout before hiring your sales reps; there are more hints out there that can help you identify the best candidates for your company or sales team, but these are some of the top ones we believe are worth considering.

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