Benefits Of Sales Order Management Technology To Your Business

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Benefits Of Sales Order Management Technology To Your Business

Order management apps and software are a must have for any business that’s looking for efficiency and mobility in their business. Sales order management apps help shorten the ordering process and will give you a greater control of data and information that’s coming in and out. Taking orders manually takes a lot of time and yet a lot of wholesalers are still using this traditional way. First there is more room for human error and secondly it consume a lot of time because everything is done on a paper.

With automated order management apps most of the process is automated, invoice will be generated automatically based on products selected, customers can review their invoice to ensure it’s as it should be, and they can place order right away from the comfort of their home. Let’s take a look at ways sales order management technology can help grow your business.

Benefits Of Sales Order Management Technology To Your Business

Replacing bulky paperwork

If you’re to do things manually your sales reps have to be carrying a lot of paper work that include; printed product catalogs, line sheets, price lists, order forms and other things that help keep the business in track. Having a mobile app will help you overcome these problems, as a matter of fact if your sales order management app is hosted online, customers can buy your products from any location in the world. You’ll be able to provide a digital form where customers can fill all their details, including personal and financial information, shipping information and more.

Integrate with existing systems

Another great benefit of sales order management apps is that they allow you to integrate with all the popular CRM apps. You can send data to ERP for easy evaluation, no need to go through a bunch of papers in order to analyze data. You can do all the analysis you need like finding the best selling products, daily sales, how much your sales reps have sold and lots of more data can be viewed with ease.

Instant product update

By using the old way you have to replace all your printed papers when a change is made for any particular product, or sometimes products are out of stock but still your sales team end up selling such products. You don’t need to worry about that when using sales order management software, because you can add the number of products available in stock and whenever a sale is made, it will be automatically deducted and when the product completely sold, it will be shown as not available and the good thing is that all your sales reps can view this information. When you make changes to product pricing or want to add discounts or more information, it will all be available instantly without the need to wait for your sales reps to get back at the office to get new updates.

Customers can track shipping

With paperwork it’s hard for buyers to track the delivery of their product. With sales order management apps each buyer can create profile that allows them to see important information about their order, they can view when it has been shipped and the time it will arrive. They can also view their order history and other important info presented to them from the wholesaler, sometimes there are special discounts only for them and is accessible through the app.

Store your data safely

Sales order management apps help store your data safely especially if you’re storing customer information on the cloud. Companies hosting your apps are using top level technology to secure all the information stored on their servers, you don’t need to worry about loss of data because there are backups created in case there’s loss from your side, even if you delete data for your app, you can always recover with ease.

Save storage costs

You’ll save yourself a lot of storage space when dealing with sales order management apps, paperwork requires storage space which will cost your business more money, but with sales order management apps you can save large data for a few hundreds of dollars a year, in most case it’s less than that.

These are some of the ways mobile apps can have impact on the efficiency of your business and you definitely need to use them in your business.

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